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Our Q1 2024 Product Roadmap

Nutshell 2024 q1 roadmap

Hey Nutshellers! As we wrap up 2023, we’re taking a look back at where we’ve been this past year and the enhancements we’ve launched in Nutshell. Here are just a few of our most exciting new features:

  • Nutshell Scheduler, which lets you create, manage, and invite people to your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings, all without leaving Nutshell.  
  • Company Enrichment, which pools firmographic data to enhance your knowledge of your customers and their needs.
  • PeopleIQ, which lets you see exactly who’s been visiting your website and which pages so you can target potential buyers with greater precision.
  • PowerAI, Nutshell’s artificial intelligence CRM that brings you timeline and Zoom transcription summaries.
  • Nutshell Enterprise, our no-limits CRM built for larger teams or those that need advanced capabilities.
  • And much more! 

(To see the full catalog of our most recent CRM enhancements, head to our product updates page.)

Now we’re excited to share a preview of the new features we’re bringing to you at the beginning of 2024. Our product development team is hard at work on new enhancements to our CRM’s capabilities, and we’re looking forward to powering even more growth for our customers this year.

So here’s what’s planned for Nutshell in the first quarter of 2024:

A/B testing in Nutshell Campaigns

Our first enhancement to launch this year is A/B testing in Nutshell Campaigns. A/B testing your campaigns empowers you to optimize your emails and generate more conversions by using the approach that resonates most with your audience.

This new feature lets you create two variations of an email campaign to send to subsets of your audience. Then sit back and let Nutshell collect the data on which version gets more opens or clicks, pick a winning variation, and automatically send the top-performing email to the rest of your audience.

Landing Pages

Design and host landing pages for your ad campaigns, webinars, events, and more with our new landing pages builder — no coding required. The drag-and-drop editor makes customization a breeze, and once your page goes live you’ll be able to track engagement from inside Nutshell. 

Plus, Nutshell has everything else you need to drive conversions with landing pages. Add a Nutshell Form to funnel leads right into your CRM and use Nutshell Scheduler to give leads an easy way to book an online meeting with you from your landing page. 

Email templates in Gmail

We’ll also be rolling out Email Booster, a feature for Revenue Booster customers that lets you use your Nutshell email templates right from inside Gmail. You’ll be able to easily send your carefully crafted Nutshell pitch, follow-up, and marketing emails from wherever you work best.

You can also track essential email metrics like opens and clicks with Email Booster to better measure your email impact.

Stay tuned for when we add Office 365 to Email Booster!

PeopleIQ for existing companies

We launched PeopleIQ in 2023 to enable Nutshell customers to see what companies were visiting their website and the employees (and their contact information) from those companies who match their ideal customer profile. This gives sales teams a prospect list of people who are already expressing interest in your company’s products or services.

PeopleIQ for existing companies enables you and your team to add new contacts into your CRM from an existing Company record. Did your biggest customer just add a new purchasing director? You’ll be able to see this information directly on your Company timeline and add that new employee as a Person record to your CRM.

PowerAI enhancements

Since AI tools started to hit the market in late 2022, they’ve continue to get faster and have more processing power. We’ll be doing the same so that your team can stay as efficient as possible.

We’re introducing the ability for PowerAI customers to use speech-to-text for notes within Nutshell. AI-powered speech-to-text makes it easier to remember the important details that help you land new customers and clients, plus saves time by eliminating the need to type all your comments.

Free marketing seat for Nutshell Campaigns customers

That’s right – free. Do you want your marketing team members on your CRM so they can handle tasks like sending email campaigns, but don’t want to pay for an entire seat? Soon, you’ll have that option in Nutshell. 

This new free marketing seat for Nutshell Campaigns customers will have limited access to the rest of the CRM, but completely removes the barrier of needing to pay for an extra seat just to use Nutshell Campaigns. You’ll be able to bring your entire marketing team onto your CRM so they can create and launch data-driven marketing campaigns — for $0 a month.

Nutshell Forms spam prevention

We’re also introducing spam prevention in Nutshell Forms this quarter. You’ll gain more tools to protect your website from spammers, safeguard your data integrity, and keep malicious links off your site. The enhancement will let you use CAPTCHA and other spam prevention measures in Nutshell Forms to keep bots off your website while ensuring ease of use for your human visitors.

Stay tuned for more updates in 2024!

We’re excited about the new features and enhancements we’re rolling out this year! Stay tuned for more information as they launch and for resources on how to use them to grow your business! And if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! 

(Want to share about how Nutshell is working for your team? Leave us a review on G2!) 

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