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For Nutshell Customers Only: Get 20% Off Paymo, Your New Favorite Project Management Software

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Quick question: Which software tool does your company use for project management and planning?

What about time management? Or resource scheduling and invoicing?

If your answer is “a bunch of different tools that I barely remember how to log into” or “nothing,” you might want to see this.

Paymo is a work management platform for small and medium-sized businesses that has served over 150,000 users worldwide since launching in 2008, offering a wide range of efficiency tools that help teams work smarter, faster, and on budget.

By using Paymo, you’ll get…

  • Big-picture visualizations of all your projects’ start and finish dates as well as their dependencies and milestones
  • The ability to set up a project with tasks, hourly budgets, and costs, then easily convert it into an estimate
  • Four task views like Kanban boards and Gantt Charts to fit different workstyles
  • A complete resource scheduler to nail down who works on what, when, and for how long, backed by a dedicated leave planner
  • Time-tracking tools to log the time spent on each of your tasks
  • The ability to invoice projects, as well as set payment gateways to let your clients pay you directly from your invoices
  • Native integrations with Google Apps, QuickBooks Online, Slack, and JotForm to name a few

…and much more. You can even set up a Zapier integration to connect your Nutshell account to Paymo so you can trigger automatic auctions (i.e., immediately creating a new project in Paymo whenever a lead is won in Nutshell).

Nutshell was recently hand-selected as one of Paymo’s perferred software partners, and we’re returning the favor by offering Nutshell customers an exclusive 20% discount off of any Paymo paid plan.

Since this discount is for Nutshell customers only, we can’t post the coupon code publicly. Email to get the Paymo discount code sent to you. Then, start a 14-day trial of Paymo and enter the code during checkout.*

We’re confident that Paymo will be a valuable addition to your business software stack. Any questions? Please drop us a comment or tweet us @nutshell!

* Coupon valid through October 25th, 2020. Coupon code must be applied every time you add new users to your account.

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