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The 7 Best URL Shorteners in 2024

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URL shorteners do just what they sound like they do — shorten links to pages on your site. Keep reading for a list of the best URL shorteners out there!

Have you ever had to manually type in a URL, only to be exasperated by how long it was? It’s easy enough to type in something short like “,” but it’s a lot harder to remember a URL like “”

Trying to remember or type in those long links is a nightmare, and it’s not one that you want to inflict on your target audience. When you use links in your marketing, it’s a good idea to keep them on the short side. The simplest way to do that is to just keep your website URLs shorter to start with.

Sometimes, you end up with longer URLs whether you want to or not. In those situations, what do you do? You use a URL shortening tool.

On this page, we’ll provide a list of some of the top URL shortening apps, as well as some other helpful info. In total, we’ll cover the following:

Keep reading to learn more!

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a digital tool that creates shorter, simpler URLs for your website pages. These are typically tools you’ll find online offering URL shortening services are varying prices, with a few free options available.

Why use a URL shortening service?

There are various benefits to having shorter links. For one, they take up less space when displayed on a page, which can be nice for visual reasons. Additionally, many social media platforms have character limits. So, if you want to post a link on social media, using a shortened version is advantageous.

Shorter links are also better for cases where you want to memorize the link or have to type it out manually. The fewer characters you have to deal with, the less of a hassle that is.

All around, URL shorteners help simplify the process of dealing with links to pages on your website.

How do URL shorteners work?

URL shorteners are usually very simple. In most cases, you just plug in one of your existing URLs, and the tool will spit back out a shortened version. Sometimes, these URLs are totally different from the original. However, many of the best URL shortening apps allow you to keep the same branding.

The 7 best URL shorteners

With all this talk about using online URL shortening services, you’re probably ready to get to our list of the top URL shorteners out there. So, let’s jump into it. Below, we’ve listed seven different tools, including:

  1. Bitly
  2. TinyURL
  3. Rebrandly
  4. Sniply
  5. Owly
  7. BL.INK

Here’s a summary of how those tools stack up against one another:

URL shortenerPriceBest for
Bitly$35+ per month (free plan available)Generating QR codes
TinyURLFree (or $9.99 per month for a premium plan)People wanting a free tool without creating an account
Rebrandly$34+ per month (free plan available)Ease of use
Sniply$9+ per monthCTA creation
Owly$99+ per monthHootsuite users
Short.ioFree (or $19 per month for a premium version)Audience segmentation
BL.INK$48+ per month (free plan available)Multiple users

Keep reading to learn more about the best URL shortening apps out there!

1. Bitly

Price: $35+ per month (free plan available)

Bitly is the best URL shortener and one of the most longstanding tools out there. And it doesn’t just generate shorter links. It also allows you to generate QR codes for those links, which can be even easier to use in some cases. Plus, you can track how those links and QR codes are performing—that is, how many people are using them.

In terms of pricing, Bitly does offer a free plan, but the features are extremely limited. You might find that it’s best used as a free trial. If you end up liking the tool enough, you’ll probably want to upgrade to the paid plan.

2. TinyURL

Price: Free (or $9.99 per month for a premium plan)

TinyURL is another of the top URL shorteners out there, and it’s also super convenient. The tool is free (although for $9.99 per month, you can get additional features like link tracking), and you don’t need to have an account to use the tool.

Although branded domains are limited to the paid account, you can still customize the second half of the URL, even with the free version.

3. Rebrandly

Price: $34+ per month (free plan available)

Rebrandly has many of the same features as the previous two tools on this list. It can generate branded links, track clicks on those links, and create QR codes. In addition, Rebrandly is very intuitive to use, so it scores big points in user experience.

Rebrandly’s paid plan starts at $34 per month, but the paid plan is nothing to turn up your nose at—it comes with 2500 clicks tracked each month, which is pretty good.

4. Sniply

Price: $9+ per month

Sniply is another of the best URL shortening apps for businesses. It has all the necessary features, and while link shortening is one of the biggest things people use it for, it can also help you create custom calls to action (CTAs) for your website.

While Sniply used to have a free plan, their cheapest option is now $9 per month. However, they do offer a free trial.

5. Owly

Price: $99+ per month

You’re probably thinking, “Woah, $99 per month is wildly expensive for a link shortening tool. Why on Earth does Owly cost that much?” The answer is that Owly is offered by Hootsuite. And while it’s technically free, that’s only the case for people who already have a Hootsuite account—and Hootsuite pricing starts at $99 per month.

If you already use Hootsuite (or plan on using it) to help you manage your social media, this is great—Owly is essentially free for you. But if not, you probably don’t want to pay $99+ each month just to shorten some links.


Price: Free (or $19 per month for a premium plan) is another great URL shortener and offers many of the usual features. However, the thing that really makes it stand out is the fact that it actually allows for audience segmentation. You can arrange for a single link to lead to different pages for different people based on their device or location.

Maybe you want to send people on Android to a slightly different page than people on iPhone. Or maybe you want people in Canada to see different pricing than people in the United States. In either of those scenarios, you can set it up so that’s what happens when those people click on a link.


Price: $48+ per month (free plan available)

Last on our list of top URL shortening apps is BL.INK. The standout feature of this tool is that it lets you add multiple users, which is perfect for businesses. You can give a whole team access to the tool so that all of them can shorten links.

Outside of that, it has all of the typical features. There is a free plan, but it’s rather limited, and the cheapest paid plan is still on the expensive side.

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