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A Nutshell Customer Story


a man stands in front of a sign that says Sky Spec

SkySpecs is an innovative automated inspection company specializing in developing software to automate drones for inspecting large structures such as wind turbines, cell towers, and power transmission lines.

Founded by Danny Ellis, CEO and co-founder, and led by Josh Coral, Director of Business Development, SkySpecs has revolutionized the inspection industry by enabling seamless, efficient, and cost-effective inspections with the push of a button.

The Challenge

Before adopting Nutshell CRM, SkySpecs faced a significant challenge in managing their growing list of B2B customers and the complex sales processes associated with large organizations. Their interactions were scattered across various platforms, including spreadsheets, phone conversations, emails, and text messages.

“As soon as we had more than one customer and had multiple conversations across phone conversations, emails, text messages, we realized that we needed something to organize that.”

As their customer base expanded and sales cycles became more intricate, they realized the pressing need for a robust customer relationship management solution to bring order to their operations.

“One of the biggest things for us was sitting down and trying to start thinking about our sales process. Before, it was very reactive. It was, you know, we need to make a sale but we didn’t really know what the next steps were going to be.”


The Solution

SkySpecs found the ideal solution to their challenge in Nutshell CRM. Josh Coral, Director of Business Development, praises Nutshell as “the perfect CRM for a B2B company.” Here’s how Nutshell addressed their pain points:

  1. Streamlined Customer Organization: Nutshell enabled SkySpecs to consolidate customer interactions and data in one place. The platform’s list feature allowed them to view an organization holistically, helping them understand and organize employees within client organizations better.
  2. Enhanced Sales Process: Prior to Nutshell, SkySpecs’ sales approach was reactive. With Nutshell, they could define and structure their sales process. This proactive approach facilitated better planning, decision-making, and follow-up with potential clients.
  3. Task Management: Nutshell’s task and reminder features played a pivotal role in keeping SkySpecs organized. They could set reminders for follow-ups and crucial tasks, ensuring that no opportunity was missed.
  4. Customer Retention: Nutshell’s organized approach helped SkySpecs maintain a strong relationship with their first customer, a local Wind Farm. By setting reminders and staying engaged, they transformed this customer into one of their most vocal advocates.

The Results

The adoption of Nutshell CRM has led to tangible results for SkySpecs:

  1. Efficiency in Sales Cycles: Nutshell has significantly improved their long sales cycles by providing structure and visibility into each step of the process.
  2. Improved Customer Relationships: The CRM’s task management and reminders helped SkySpecs nurture client relationships effectively, resulting in satisfied customers who advocate for their services.
  3. Adaptability for Startups: Nutshell evolved alongside SkySpecs – which was vital for a startup environment. Nutshell effortlessly accommodates changes, ensuring that it remains aligned with evolving needs.

“I think Nutshell has grown with us internally, and that’s been huge for us, especially for startups where things are constantly changing.”


Nutshell CRM has been instrumental in helping SkySpecs manage their customers, streamline sales processes, and boost customer advocacy. As they grew and innovated in the automated inspection industry, Nutshell remained a trusted partner in their journey towards operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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