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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

Enhance Your CRM With

Powerful CRM Add Ons

  • AppConnect: get additional assistance with your CRM integrations
  • Campaigns: Email marketing and your CRM can be the same tool!
  • Revenue Booster: a bundle of features meant to help you boost your revenue!
  • Landing Pages: easy-to-build landing pages to convert traffic from your marketing campaigns
  • PeopleIQ: discover people & contact information from your CRM
  • CompetitorIQ: see how your website stacks up to your competitors

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  • Nutshell offers Integrations that are easy to set up and don’t require engineering knowledge to get them working.
  • To help our customers connect their CRM with more applications, we present to you: AppConnect
  • Depending on what tier of Nutshell you have and how many CRM seats you have, AppConnect is most likely included in your plan for free.
  • AppConnect is $37/month for non-qualifying companies

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a graphic for Nutshell AppConnect connecting to various apps


  • Easily build audiences from your CRM contacts
  • No-code email builders (we also provide templates)
  • Send Broadcasts (one-time), Newsletters (recurring) or Drip Sequences
  • Connect your sales and marketing efforts
  • All Nutshell customers can try Campaigns for free up to 150 emails sent per month
  • Paid plans start at $5 per month and are based on the number of contacts in your CRM
  • Nutshell’s Free Marketing Seats have access to this add-on when added to your account

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Revenue Booster

  • Scheduler: Online meeting scheduler built right in Nutshell
    • Works with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams
    • Automatically creates activities
  • Email Booster: Nutshell’s email templates available in your inbox
    • Prefer to send from your email provider? Use your Nutshell email templates right from your inbox
  • Try it out during your 14-day trial for free
  • $37 per month
  • This price is for your entire company, not per user

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Why is Nutshell the Best Next-Action Selling CRM With Powerful Add-Ons?


Landing Pages

  • What is a landing page?
    • A landing page is a standalone web page that potential leads/customers can “land” on after clicking on an ad, email link, social post or another marketing effort.
    • Landing pages should be designed in a way where your potential customer can learn almost everything they need to know in order to convert into a lead without looking at any other page on your website.
  • What do you get with Nutshell’s Landing Pages?
    • Unlimited landing pages creations
    • Easy, no-code, drag and drop designs
    • Over 30 templates to start from
    • The ability to easily connect Nutshell Forms and Scheduler on your landing page
  • Try it out for free before buying
  • $37 per month
  • This price is for your entire company, not per user
  • Nutshell’s Free Marketing Seats have access to this add-on when added to your account

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a screenshot of a landing page builder on the Nutshell dashboard with the words "Let's Get Social"


  • Easily find contact information for the people that work for your customers.
  • Add more valuable contacts to your CRM
  • Info includes: Name, Job title, Email, Phone and Location
  • Use “credits” to unlock information and add to Nutshell with a few clicks
  • Access to PeopleIQ, a prospecting tool
  • 5 free uses per month
  • Paid plans start at $37 per month for 100 monthly credits
  • This price is for your entire company, not per user.
  • Nutshell’s Free Marketing Seats have access to the PeopleIQ feature when added to your account

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a screenshot of adding people to skycam Productions page using Nutshell PeopleIQ


  • Compare how your website performs against your competitors.
  • See where your competitors are getting their web traffic (organic, paid, email, referral, etc.)
  • See how your competitors’ traffic is trending
  • Get insights on how you can increase your web traffic
  • Free for all Nutshell customers
  • Nutshell’s Free Marketing Seats have access to this add-on when added to your account

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a pie chart shows the market share of various websites

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Add-on FAQs

  • Do I need to purchase an add-on to use Nutshell’s CRM features?

    Absolutely not! Our paid-features are not mandatory to purchase. In fact, most of our paid add-ons are available in a limited capacity so that you can try before you buy!

  • Are the paid add-ons available during my free trial?

    Short answer: yes!

    Campaigns, Revenue Booster, PeopleIQ and CompetitorIQ are all available to try out in a limited capacity during your trial at no additional cost.

    AppConnect is strictly a paid feature.

  • How does pricing work for the paid add-ons?

    This is our most commonly asked question!

    When purchasing your Nutshell plan (Foundation, Pro, PowerAI and Enterprise), you are paying per user.

    For our add-ons, it’s different:

    • Campaigns is based on the number of people contacts you have in your CRM and paid plans start at $5/mo.
    • Revenue Booster is $37/mo for your whole company (whether you have 1 user or 150 users).
    • PeopleIQ is also charged per company (whether you have 1 user or 150 users) and paid plans start at $37/mo for 100 unlock credits.
    • Landing Pages is$37/mo for your whole company (whether you make 1 or 100 landing pages)
    • CompetitorIQ’s early access features are free for all Nutshell customers.
    • AppConnect is free for:
      • teams on Foundation with 5+ Users
      • teams on Pro with 4+ Users
      • teams on Power AI with 3+ Users
      • teams on Enterprise with 2+ Users
      • $37/mo for non-qualifying teams
      • no onboarding fee!
  • What do Nutshell’s Free Marketing Seats have access to?

    Users assigned to the Free Marketing role can access everything under the Marketing section of Nutshell, including:

    • Nutshell Landing Pages
    • Nutshell Campaigns
    • Nutshell forms and connected forms
    • Nutshell Analytics
    • Nutshell’s PeopleIQ and CompetitorIQ
    • Marketing audiences

    These users will also be restricted from accessing features and pages such as:

    • Dashboard, Reports, Scheduler, and Email functionalities
    • Company, Person, and Lead pages
    • Settings

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