7 Ways to Keep Track of Sales Contacts at Networking Events

Det er nemt at møde nye mennesker på en forretningskonference eller et netværksarrangement. At forvandle disse nye kontakter til egentlige forretningsforbindelser er en helt anden historie.

Sales teams often attend conferences and networking events “just to get their name out there,” with no strategy for what to do and how to keep the contacts they collect. Trying to prospect for leads among the masses of a conference hall can be an overwhelming experience.

Here are five things sales reps can do to get the most out of conferences and networking events and come away with more than just a stack of business cards.

How to keep track of networking contacts

Here are seven things sales reps can do to get the most out of conferences and networking events, and come away with more than just a stack of business cards.

1. Find out who’s going

Understanding the event’s audience can help you zero in on your goals. Is the event specific to a certain industry? What topics are people paying to learn more about? Many events and conferences offer ways for sales reps to find out who will be attending. With an attendee list in hand, you can create a targeted list of people to email pre-event.

Ways to discover attendees include:

  • Gennemgang af talerlisten
  • Se, hvem der tweeter om begivenheden
  • Deltag i en begivenheds Facebook-gruppe og tjek medlemslisten ud

Når du kortlægger målgruppen, kan du planlægge på forhånd, så du har mulighed for at komme i personlig kontakt med potentielle kunder eller identificere andre nye muligheder for forretningsudvikling.

For eksempel er værten for en podcast, der er populær blandt dine kunder, måske ikke et levedygtigt kundeemne for din virksomhed, men at finde en måde at introducere dig selv på kan være det første skridt mod at skabe et værdifuldt co-marketingforhold.

2. Keep your customer success team in the loop

Hvis nogle af eventdeltagerne er nuværende kunder, skal du sørge for at koordinere med dit kundesuccesteam på forhånd. Der kan være muligheder for at uddanne eksisterende kunder personligt i nye produkter eller sikre, at de stadig er tilfredse med dine tjenester. Din virksomheds supportteam kan give vigtige oplysninger om, hvem der måske har brug for særlig opmærksomhed.

But beware of a common pitfall: overspending your time talking to chatty clients. Make sure you have an exit plan in place for customer conversations so that you can maximize your time during the event. Connecting with new and existing clients should be a secondary part of your strategy; pursuing new opportunities should come first.

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3. Use a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platform

After an event, many sales contacts slip through the cracks when a rep does not enter the information into their CRM. Having a mobile CRM at your disposal means that you can add your new contacts directly after each meeting—and at the touch of a button if your CRM app happens to have a business card scanner.

But what if potential leads don’t have a business card on them? “Take out your phone and open LinkedIn. Hand it to the person you are talking to, and say, ‘It’s been nice speaking with you. Would you mind looking yourself up?’ Invariably, the person does, and you make a connection,” advises Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group.

Ud over rettidig dataindtastning kan et mobilt CRM også hjælpe sælgerne med at prioritere deres indsats ved at give dem lead-information i realtid. Med mobilnotifikationer opsat kan du få notifikationer, hvis salgsadministratorer eller ledere kvalificerer leads på hjemmekontoret. På den måde kan du følge op på dine nye leads personligt, inden arrangementet slutter.

4. Give out a memorable business card

Make your business card more than just a piece of paper, instead turn it into a conversation starter. Experiment with creative designs, incorporating vibrant colors, unique shapes, or even unconventional materials that resonate with your business. Consider functional designs, such as a business card doubling as a bottle opener, ensuring it lingers in the memory of those you meet.

Beyond aesthetics, make your card personal. Add a brief, personalized message like one of your favorite quotes that resonates with the person you’re handing it to. A memorable card increases the chances of being top-of-mind when they need your services, turning a casual connection into a potential business opportunity. This is a quick yet effective way to transform your business card and make it more special.

5. Take notes on every meeting

Under mange konferencer vil du sandsynligvis have spontane møder med folk på din målliste eller andre potentielle kunder, du tilfældigvis møder. Alle disse møder skal dokumenteres i dit CRM til senere brug. Når du tager noter, skal du sørge for at medtage eventuelle indvendinger og spørgsmål, der rejses under samtalen, hvilket kan hjælpe dig med at flytte leads hurtigere efter en begivenhed.

Remember, all interactions should be documented in your CRM as quickly as possible. Once the meeting leaves your memory, the opportunity drifts away.

6. Assign follow-ups and prioritize leads

Før et event begynder, bør der være en proces på plads, så alle i dit salgsteam ved, hvem der skal følge op efter eventet, og hvordan de skal prioritere leads.

‍“If they came by just for swag, that’s not a hot lead,” says Carrie Simpson, Founder of Managed Sales Pros. “They’ll be in our marketing cadence, but our sales team will not be wasting their time on them. Our best leads say at some point during the conversation at an event they either want to work with us, they’re talking with a competitor, or they’re trying to do it in-house.”

Opfølgningsprocessen kan også omfatte, hvilke ressourcer (dvs. indhold, specifikke tilbud) der skal bruges i opsøgende arbejde. Hvis reps registrerer personlige interaktioner nøjagtigt, bør det være relativt nemt at sende personlige opfølgninger 24 timer efter begivenheden.

Make sure to tie your new contacts to the right event. Many CRMs have tagging features that can be used for this very purpose. You won’t have any way to measure your ROI on events if sales reps aren’t attributing first contacts to each specific event, and that information is critically important to determine how much money your company should spend on event attendance in the future.

7. Evaluate your networking impact

Keeping track of your networking contacts goes beyond collecting business cards and information. The final thing to remember is to regularly review your networking journey, from identifying potential contacts to converting them into customers. Utilize key metrics like acquired contacts, effective messaging, engagement levels, interaction quality, and referrals received.

This consistent evaluation is a crucial step in refining your networking skills. Understand what aspects are working well and where improvements are needed. By incorporating feedback and analyzing metrics, you not only keep tabs on your connections but also enhance your ability to convert them into valuable, long-term customers.

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