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The 10 Best CRMs for iPhone: Which iOS App Has the Features You Need?

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Mobile CRM apps are essential for every modern salesperson to stay informed and efficient. Discover the 10 best CRM iOS apps for iPhone.

Key features to look for in a CRM for iPhone

While no smartphone app can replicate the full experience of using a desktop CRM, there are several essential features you should keep in mind. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for:

  • Mobile optimization: Ensure the CRM app is optimized for mobile devices, offering seamless functionality on smartphones and tablets. This allows sales, marketing, and customer service teams to manage interactions, access data, and perform tasks from any location in real time.
  • User-friendly interface: Look for a CRM app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for iOS devices. The app should offer easy navigation, quick access to key features, and a design that aligns with the iOS user experience, enhancing usability and efficiency.
  • Offline access: Choose a CRM app that provides offline access, allowing you to update contact details and schedule follow-up activities without an internet connection. This feature ensures uninterrupted productivity, regardless of your location.
  • Integration with other apps: Another key feature is to opt for an app that integrates with other business systems and applications, enabling efficient data sharing and workflow automation across your organization.
  • Customization options: Select a CRM app that offers customizable push notifications to inform you about important activities and deadlines. These notifications can be tailored to alert you about upcoming meetings, task deadlines, or client updates, ensuring you stay on top of your responsibilities.
  • Efficient data synchronization: Look for an iOS CRM app that synchronizes data efficiently across all your iOS devices and other platforms. This ensures that any updates made on one device are immediately reflected on others, maintaining consistency and accuracy across your CRM system.

The benefits of using a CRM with a dedicated iOS app

In addition to the key features mentioned above, using a CRM app dedicated to iOS offers several benefits:

  • On-the-go access: With a dedicated iOS CRM app, you can access customer data anytime, anywhere, directly from your iPhone. This allows you to be always informed and responsive, whether you’re in the office or out in the field.
  • Real-time data updates: A mobile CRM app allows for immediate updating and retrieval of data, ensuring that any changes made by team members are instantly reflected across all devices. This real-time synchronization ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information at all times.
  • Enhanced customer interaction: iOS CRM apps provide instant access to client information, enabling personalized and effective client interactions on the spot. Whether you’re preparing for a meeting or following up on a lead, having access to complete client details on your iPhone can help deliver a tailored and impactful experience.
  • Streamlined workflow: With features like push notifications, iOS CRM apps help streamline workflow and prioritize tasks effectively. Whether you’re receiving alerts for pending approvals or upcoming meetings, these notifications ensure that you stay organized and focused on the tasks that matter most.

The top 10 CRMs for iPhone

If you’re a salesperson who won’t leave the house without your iPhone, here are 10 mobile CRM apps that you need to consider:

CRM nameKey features
NutshellMap visualization features, business card scanner, one-click calling and emailing, meeting and call note logging
FreshsalesKey metrics dashboard, calendar view, ability to book an Uber, voice recording feature
PipedriveMapping feature using Google Maps API, calendar view, refreshingly crisp iOS app
SalesforcePartnership with Einstein Analytics, all apps on Salesforce’s AppExchange are accessible from mobile, some features—such as mobile mapping—cost extra
Zendesk SellCommunication tracking, email templates with view notifications, geolocation, mobile reporting, customizable notifications for salespeople and managers
ZohoMap functionality, activity feeds, Zoho’s personal assistant
HubSpotManage calls, receive real-time notifications, and access task management tools from your iPhone.
DayliteHas a visually appealing iPhone app with sales opportunity boards and automated notifications for streamlined sales management.
CopperSync data in real-time and enjoy integration with Google apps, all accessible through their app.
MondayFeatures task management and customizable templates for efficient CRM usage.

1. Nutshell

nutshell iphone crm app

Nutshell’s iPhone app was relaunched in early 2020, and now includes the best map visualization features of any mobile CRM on the market. Perfect for planning client visits or just keeping an eye on where your hottest leads are, the Nutshell iOS app lets you view your saved lead lists on a smooth-scrolling, zoomable map, or quickly segment your leads by any attribute, such as status, open date, product, or custom tags.

Nutshell’s iPhone CRM app also comes equipped with an easy-to-use business card scanner so you can scan contacts on the go, as well as all the time-saving mobile features you’d expect, such as the ability to start new calls and emails in one click, quickly log meetings and call notes, and receive alerts for anything that needs your attention. Available to subscribers of any Nutshell package at no additional charge, Nutshell’s iPhone app helps you do important things fast, no matter where you are.

Already have a Nutshell subscription? Download the free iPhone app here.


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2. Freshsales

freshsales iphone crm app

Freshsales brings an impressive array of desktop features to their iPhone app. The “key metrics” screen acts as a useful dashboard, giving you relevant information on your assigned deals, and the calendar view shows you your upcoming appointments and lets you easily schedule new ones. You can also create and log activities in the Freshsales iPhone app, and track their outcomes.

But what makes this a top iPhone CRM are the little extras. The ability to book an Uber from the Freshsales app is a nice touch, and the voice recording feature is a big help for summarizing meetings when you don’t have the time to type everything out on your iPhone keyboard.

See how Nutshell compares to Freshsales and other competing CRMs.

3. Pipedrive

pipedrive iphone crm app
Image courtesy of iGeeksblog

Pipedrive offers a refreshingly crisp iOS app full of useful CRM features designed to be used on-the-go. Their mapping feature uses the Google Maps API to visualize any deals or contacts with a physical address. Their calendar view is a cool way of displaying all CRM activities for each salesperson right on their iPhone, saving tons of time (and sticky notes.)

Pipedrive’s iOS app boasts an impressive 4.1 out of 5 stars in the iTunes App Store, as fans of the desktop CRM enjoy having a fully functional mobile CRM for their iPhones or iPads as well: “Easy and simple enough to understand what’s happening with a Deal,” says a 5-star iOs app reviewer.

Bummer alert: Users report delays with processing activities through the mobile app interface.


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4. Salesforce

salesforce iphone crm app

The Salesforce mobile app boasts an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars rating in the App Store. Customers who already use Salesforce’s desktop application are fans of the simple mobile version.

The Salesforce app also features a partnership with Einstein Analytics, allowing its mobile app users to leverage AI insights to make informed decisions about how to manage pipelines.

All of the apps on Salesforce’s AppExchange are accessible from mobile, but with varying degrees of functionality constraints due to the mobile CRM experience.

The key drawback with the Salesforce iPhone app—and Salesforce in general—is that every feature is piecemeal and every piece costs extra. For example, Salesforce’s mobile mapping features are only available with a Salesforce Maps subscription, which starts at an additional $75/user/month!

There are also a plethora of third-party business card scanners; most are bundled with unnecessary features, some rely solely on Outlook sync, and even the lowest-rated one costs $7.99 a month.

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5. Zendesk Sell

zendesk sell iphone crm app
Image courtesy of iGeeksblog

Zendesk Sell’s iPhone app couples a usable interface with robust functionality. The iOS app provides sales teams with communication tracking, email templates with view notifications, geolocation, and mobile reporting.

Another great mobile CRM feature in Zendesk Sell is that the iPhone notifications can be customized differently for salespeople and sales managers alike. Sales managers also enjoy visibility into how their sales reps are using the CRM app on their iPhones, including on-the-go reporting and real-time iOS notifications.

6. Zoho

zoho iphone crm app

Zoho CRM offers a mobile version for iOS devices with many of its features from the desktop version. The Zoho ecosystem features over 40+ integrated applications, which is fine for desktop CRM users, but creates a user experience that is impossible to replicate as a mobile CRM application. “Limited functionality,” says a customer on the iOS app store.

On a brighter note, the iOS CRM app is highly rated by users not interested in replicating their desktop experience. Plus, the CRM app is not entirely dysfunctional—there are still plenty of features for Zoho users to enjoy, including map functionality and activity feeds.

The undisputed coolest Zoho mobile feature is Zoho’s personal assistant, Zia. CRM users on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices can speak or text with Zia to execute commands the same way an iOS user would speak to Siri.

7. HubSpot

hubspot iphone crm app

Known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, HubSpot offers a free CRM app for iPhone that allows you to make calls, manage tasks, and track customer interactions on the go. With HubSpot’s CRM app, you can leverage features like caller ID and real-time notifications to stay informed and engaged with your contacts.

Additionally, HubSpot’s task management tools and ticketing system enable seamless communication and collaboration with your team, ensuring that no customer query or issue goes unresolved.

8. Daylite

daylite iphone crm app

Designed specifically for Apple devices, Daylite offers a sleek and professional CRM app for iPhone users. With Daylite’s CRM app, you can enjoy a visually appealing interface and intuitive features that streamline sales and customer management tasks.

The app’s sales opportunity boards and automated notifications make it easy to track leads and follow up with prospects, while its collaboration and communication tools facilitate teamwork and coordination on deals and projects.

9. Copper

copper iphone crm app

Ideal for Google Workspace users, Copper offers an intuitive and visually appealing CRM platform with native screens for iPhones. With Copper’s CRM app, you can access all your CRM data and tools directly from your iOS device, ensuring that you stay connected and productive on the go.

The app’s real-time data syncing and workflow automation features make it easy to manage sales activities and customer interactions from anywhere, while its integration with Google apps enhances efficiency and collaboration across your organization.

10. Monday

monday iphone crm app offers a project management platform with robust CRM features. With a mobile app optimized for iOS, allows you to stay productive and organized on the go, with tools for team collaboration, task management, and more.’s iOS app provides access to a wide range of features, including chats, mentions, and automated notifications, enabling you to stay connected and informed wherever you are.

Choosing the iPhone CRM app that’s right for you

No two iPhone CRM apps offer the same functionality and features. Selecting the ideal CRM iPhone app depends on finding the perfect balance of functionality and features tailored to your needs. The highest-rated and most useful iOS apps, however, all have the same few features in common.

As we wrap up our guide to the best CRMs for iPhones, we’ve provided insights into the most effective apps available, each with its standout attributes. If you’re ready to try the best of the best, we recommend starting a 14-day trial of Nutshell. Immerse yourself in our iPhone app’s intuitive interface and robust functionality, and discover the difference firsthand.


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