CRM for

Outbound sales

Outbound sales teams hunt for leads, educate their prospects, and turn strangers into buyers. Learn how Nutshell’s outbound CRM powers up your selling process.


Take control of your cold-calling

Nutshell’s Click-to-call feature is a game-changer for sellers who spend their days on the phone. Place a call directly from Nutshell simply by clicking on the number, and record notes in real time. Every call is logged so you can easily find your conversations for later review.


Get your email outreach in order

Nutshell seamlessly integrates with your work email, syncing each conversation to your prospects’ timelines. With our Gmail and Outlook add-ins, you can access important customer details and easily add new contacts right from your inbox. Plus, Nutshell’s email templates help you reclaim the time you waste re-typing the same messages.


Add new contacts in a flash

Leaving a networking event with a stack of business cards is great, but having to type all that new contact info into a spreadsheet is the worst. Nutshell’s business card scanner zaps each contact into your CRM with one tap of your smartphone’s camera.


Be a leader, not a micromanager:

Effective sales leaders spend their time coaching, not interrogating. Our Activity report informs sales managers of all the customer touches their reps are completing—which keeps team meetings shorter and more productive—while providing valuable intel on which activities are producing the best results.
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