Nutshell Starter

$19 per user, per month (billed annually)

Get the whole team on the same page with one of the most affordable and user-friendly CRMs.

Nutshell Starter is for sales teams that want to better track their sales pipeline and share customer information. Even if you’re managing leads in a spreadsheet today, you’ll be selling smarter in days—not months.

Centralize your customer information

Store your customers’ contact information, order details, and communications in one place—accessible to your entire team from any device. By consolidating contact details as well as email, phone call, and meeting notes, anyone on your team can pick up where you left off. Your customers will thank you for saving them time.

affordable crm mobile features nutshell starter

Manage your sales pipeline

Never let a deal fall through the cracks. Prioritize your most promising leads, set up automated reminders, and keep track of every deal’s status so that valuable prospects don’t slip away.

View performance reports and constantly improve your sales process

Get out-of-the-box insight with reports that give you an at-a-glance look at your most important sales and activity metrics. Quickly compare actual sales to quotas and get complete visibility into your past sales performance, lead volume, and pipeline. Shorten your sales cycle by identifying high-performing sales reps and the common traits of stalled deals.

Minimize manual data entry

Scan a business card at a conference, synchronize your phone contacts, and collect customer information directly from your website. Nutshell will even automatically find more detail by scouring the internet for relevant information such as current job title and social media profiles.

Win more deals &
shorten the sales cycle

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