5 CRM Marketing Examples You Can Try for Yourself Right Now

Your CRM works hard to collect and organize customer data. But after you’ve connected with all your leads, what happens next? The value of a CRM doesn’t stop there— with the customer data your Nutshell CRM collects, you can put it to use by creating customer-targeted ad campaigns through CRM marketing.

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What is CRM marketing?

CRM marketing refers to the marketing strategies and tactics marketers use in conjunction with the data they gather from their CRM.

CRM in marketing is an important (and effective) strategy because it allows marketers to create fine-tuned marketing campaigns that better target their audiences for a successful return on investment (ROI).

Marketing automation with CRM

Marketing automation is all about streamlining your workflow. You can schedule and automatically trigger email marketing campaigns based on customer activity, like interactions with ads, website views, or form fills, to name a few.

When you integrate marketing automation with your CRM, you can improve overall customer experience and increase your marketing campaign’s efficiency.

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5 CRM marketing automation examples to try right now

These are just a few CRM marketing ideas you can try for yourself when you integrate marketing automation with your CRM. 

1. Welcome emails

When a customer fills out a form on your website and enters their information, like a name and email address, use CRM marketing automation to send a welcome email to them. These email greetings are a great way to start establishing a relationship with the customer and begin initiating their first transaction.

You can personalize these emails by using your customer’s name in the email as well. This personal touch sends customers the message that your brand is paying attention to them and gives the impression that you’re committed to connecting with all customers.

(Pssst— Nutshell Campaigns can help you set up automatic drip sequences for all your welcome emails!)

2. Birthday promos

Who doesn’t love birthdays? When creating website forms for your customers, consider prompting people to enter their birthdays. This way, you can send them a birthday greeting each year, along with a special promo code.

This CRM marketing tactic accomplishes two important things: it strengthens customer loyalty and initiates a purchase.

A lot of times, we forget the information we entered when filling out a form on a website. If a customer forgot they gave you their birth date and they open their email to find a birthday greeting from you, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. Plus, they might even be a little touched that you wished them a happy birthday in the first place.

Nutshell gives you the power to create forms for your website so you can begin collecting basic customer information and using it to inform your future marketing campaigns.

Customers will see this email as another indication that you care about your customers and pay attention to each one of them. This yearly email can help strengthen your relationships with your customer and encourage customer loyalty for years to come.

Email birthday greetings usually come with some sort of gift, primarily in the form of a promo code. Offering an exclusive promotion on your products or services urges the customers to make a purchase.

If not for the simple fact that they’re getting a sweet discount, it’ll be because of the exclusivity of it. Many times, customers feel obligated to make a purchase so they can use their birthday promo because they feel they might not get that kind of deal again (until next year, of course).

It creates a sense of urgency and could be the final push a customer needs to finally say yes to that item that’s been sitting in their shopping cart for a while.

3. Emails reminding customers about items in their cart and wish list

Speaking of shopping carts, use CRM marketing automation to remind customers about abandoned items in their online carts.

Whether the customer purposely walked away before making the purchase or genuinely forgot about it, it doesn’t hurt to send a friendly suggestion to pick up where they left off. 

Along with reminding customers about abandoned items, use CRM marketing automation to notify them about any price changes or sales on items they have in their cart or on their wish list.

Not only does it get them to possibly make a purchase, but it gets them back on your site and browsing your inventory.

4. Suggested items after purchases

Nutshell’s CRM forms gather customer information for a reason— use it to your advantage!

With the information your Nutshell CRM saves, you can better understand the customers you’re selling to. You can see what products individual people have purchased, then use that information (and marketing automation) to send them suggestions for similar products or services they might also want.

This example of CRM marketing is a way to keep communication flowing between you and your customer after a purchase has been made. 

5. “We miss you!” emails

Notice on your CRM that some customers haven’t interacted with your business in a while? Give them a nudge with an email enticing them to come back.

Whether you decide to include a promo offer within that email to give your customer an incentive is up to you, but sending those “We miss you!” emails can really come in handy when you’re trying to reengage with them.

Not only do they remind customers about your brand, but they let your customers know that you haven’t forgotten about them. It’s always a nice feeling to be wanted— give that feeling to your customers with CRM marketing automation.

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