Integrating Your CRM With Customer Service and Support Platforms

A key element in attracting and retaining loyal customers is improving customer satisfaction. By integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) software with customer service and support platforms, you can increase customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

Keep reading to learn more about how CRM integration with customer service platforms can help your business (and your customers) and how Nutshell can make platform integration easy.

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What are customer service and support platforms?

Customer service software helps businesses deliver quality customer service to leads and customers through features like ticket management, messaging, automation, and analytics.

Often, businesses integrate their CRM with customer service platforms because doing so provides additional contextual data about the customers they’re helping.

At Nutshell, we believe in always delivering quality customer service. That’s why we’ve made sure our CRM integrates with customer service platforms like:

Why integrate customer service platforms with your CRM?

Integrating a customer service platform with your CRM can increase efficiency and improve your customer experience by helping you share your data across platforms, automate customer service tasks, track customer satisfaction, and create personalized customer journeys.

Read on to learn more about how to make the most of your CRM and customer service platform integration by taking advantage of these benefits.

Sharing data across platforms

One of the key benefits of integrating your CRM and customer service tools is having all your data in one place. 

Integrating your CRM and customer support tools enables your support team to see all the data you have in your CRM about a contact when assisting that customer. Quick access to this customer data allows them to provide more personalized support.

Integrations also enable your CRM to automatically log all of your customer service interactions in your CRM. You can then see all of your team’s interactions with a given customer in one place, including interactions through support, sales, and marketing.

Storing all of your customer interaction data together in your CRM also enables you to review and analyze this data to uncover trends, customer pain points, product improvement ideas, and other valuable insights.

Automating customer service tasks

By connecting your CRM to customer service and support platforms, you can automate elements of your customer service processes. Through customer service integrations, your team can streamline various customer service tasks to improve response times and offer the right support to your customers at the right time.

How to automate customer service with a CRM

Customer service automation can significantly impact customer satisfaction and experience by saving time and effort. Here are a few ways you can automate your customer service efforts.

Use live chat and chatbots

Chatbots and live chat tools are incredibly useful for automating and streamlining online customer service. They can answer basic customer questions without your customer service team having to lift a finger.

Rather than wait for an email response from your customer service team, chatbots can promptly help users and customers so your team can continue providing excellent service to high-value customers.

Integrating your CRM with a chatbot tool enables it to automatically log chats in your customer timelines, so you can easily keep track of all the contact’s interactions with your company, including those with a chatbot. Your team will also have easy access to all of your CRM data about a customer if they take over the chat.

Gather customer data through forms

When you integrate your CRM with online forms, your CRM can automatically log the information customers submit through your forms. So, if a customer submits a support request on your website, your team can access that information in your CRM along with all your other data about that customer.

At Nutshell, we offer our own built-in forms tool as well as a simple method for connecting existing forms to Nutshell.

Send automated emails

Customers appreciate knowing businesses are paying attention to them. With Nutshell, you can set up automated emails that send out to customers based on specific triggers, such as submitting a support request, purchasing a product, or making an appointment. 

These emails enable you to respond to customers right away, confirming that their requests were received, ensuring them their requests are important to your business, and sharing helpful information more quickly.

Powerful email marketing, minus the headaches

Nutshell Campaigns plugs directly into your CRM data, so you can create highly targeted audience segments, track the impact of your emails in real-time, and manage all your communications out of a single tool. Get started for free!


Tracking customer satisfaction

Another benefit of integrating your CRM with customer service and support platforms is the ability to track customer satisfaction. Tracking customer satisfaction is key to understanding whether or not your business is meeting your audience’s needs with your products and services.

By tracking key metrics like customer satisfaction rates and resolution times, your team can identify areas for improvement and optimize customer service processes that are driving results for your business.

If you track customer satisfaction through your customer service platform or other tools, integrations with your CRM enable you to automatically send that data to your CRM, keeping all of your information in one place.

Creating personalized customer journeys

The customer journey is the path a customer takes as they encounter a company’s touchpoints. With the help of customer data collected with your CRM and customer service platforms, you can personalize the customer journey to better appeal to specific audience segments.

Benefits of personalized customer journeys

Personalized customer journeys offer a few unique benefits to your business that are tough to pass up, including:

  • A seamless customer experience: Personalized customer journeys create a positive customer experience for people, seamlessly leading them through each phase of the customer journey. When you understand customer behavior, you can create a customer journey for them that feels natural and straightforward.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Personalized customer journeys make working with your business feel easy and hassle-free. Customers want that in a company, and when you can offer it to them, overall customer satisfaction improves.
  • Increased customer loyalty: When you have a personalized customer journey in place that boosts customer satisfaction, you’ve got a higher chance of attracting and retaining loyal customers. Who doesn’t want to work with a business that doesn’t make you jump through hoops?

Provide expert customer service with the help of Nutshell

If you’re looking to up your customer service game with your CRM, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your preferred customer service platform is, Nutshell won’t make you give up a tool you know works for your business. Nutshell offers plenty of integration options for customer service and support platforms.

See how Nutshell can integrate with your favorite customer service platform today by contacting us online or giving Nutshell a try for free for 14 days.


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