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Introducing Nutshell’s Email Report

Introducing the email report graphic

Email templates are one of the best ways to make your outreach more efficient, keep your messages consistent across your team, and improve outreach effectiveness over time.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new email report that will give you insight into the types of emails your team is sending and how many emails each team and user is sending.

Along with this report, we’re introducing updates to email template organization in Nutshell that will make it easier than ever to manage your templates and enable you to set up your reports to get insights into whatever matters most for your team.

Get insight into your email activity

Click below to head right to the new email report in Nutshell.

Explore your email report

What can I learn from the email report?

Your team sends a lot of different kinds of messages from Nutshell: initial outreach, follow-up, pitches, and more. Up until today, you couldn’t measure those different types of outreach.

With this update, you can organize your team’s email templates into groups. For example, you might have “Initial outreach,” “Cold prospecting,” and “Renewal reminders.”

Once you’ve organized your templates, fire up the new email report. You’ll be able to see precisely how many initial outreach, prospecting, and renewal reminders your team is sending each week. Plus, you can compare those groups with the volume of non-templated emails your team sends.

Because you choose how you group your templates, you have total flexibility over your reporting. For example, if you group templates by funnel stage, you can see how many emails you’re sending in each stage of your funnel and gain insight into how leads are moving between stages.

In addition to reporting by group, you can break your email activity down by team and user so you can see how many emails each department and individual team member is sending.

Email report in Nutshell

Quickly find the templates you need with improved email template management

We’ve also overhauled how email templates are organized so that accessing the templates you need is easier than ever. 

Here’s a look at the new email template management features:

Centralized email template management

Say hello to the ultimate template hub! You can now easily access, edit, and organize your templates on one user-friendly page.

Customizable group management

Categorize your email templates however works best for your company. For example, you might group templates by funnel stage, customer type, or department. You’re free to create, name, and rename groups however works best for you. You can then report on the groups you create with the new Email report.

Convenient template creation

Creating and organizing email templates has never been this easy! You can create a template from the main email templates page, from within a group, or from the email composer.

Quick, simple accessibility

We’ve made it easy to find the exact template you’re looking for. You can use the search bar on the email templates page or filter your templates by which team or individual created the template. You can also check ‘Just mine’ to see only your templates or ‘Archived’ to see all archived templates.

Email template groups in Nutshell

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the email report?

To access email reports, click on ‘Reports’ in the sidebar. Then, click on ‘Email’ under ‘Insights.’

Which Nutshell customers have access to template groups?

The Email report is available to customers on our Pro, Power AI, and Enterprise plans.

How do I access the email templates page?

To access the Email templates page, go to ‘Emails’ in the sidebar and then ‘Email templates.’

Which Nutshell customers have access to template groups?

This feature is available to all customers on all plans, and all customers can create unlimited groups.

Which users can manage email template groups?

Users with the ‘Email template managers’ permission enabled in your role-based access controls can create template groups. By default, this permission is enabled for admins. Any user can create a template in a group.

How can I learn more about how to use email templates, groups, and reports?

To learn more about email template groups and reports, see our help center article here.

To learn more about creating and using email templates, see this article.

Feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions as well!

Ready to elevate your email game? 

Head over to Nutshell and create some groups and then check out your email report to experience the magic for yourself!

If you’re not a Nutshell customer yet, start a free 14-day trial to give this feature a try, along with all of our other features, from contact management to sales automation to email marketing.

Happy emailing!

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