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Introducing Power AI, Nutshell’s Newest Plan Charged With Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve customer relationship management through reporting, automation, customer insights, and more. That’s why we’re excited to launch our new product tier, Power AI. The Power AI plan is for organizations that want to harness the potential of AI in their Nutshell CRM to gain valuable insights into their contacts and streamline their processes. 

As a tier in between Nutshell Pro and Nutshell Enterprise, Power AI comes with all the features in a Pro plan plus more exciting capabilities powered by AI. See what to expect with Power AI:

Get the most important information about your contacts faster with timeline summarization

When you have months or years of logged activities and email conversations saved in a person, company, or lead timeline, it can be hard to scroll through all your history to find important information. Timeline summarization saves you loads of time by using AI technology to concisely summarize a timeline on demand. 

Timeline summarization will provide information like the duration of customer status, potential areas of interest, common topics of discussion, and more. You can use timeline summarization to quickly recall what products a company or person is interested in, review a lead’s purchase history, or bring new colleagues up to speed on an account. 

Customers on our Power AI plan will have the ability to summarize 50 timelines per user each month. Customers on our Enterprise plan will be able to summarize 100 timelines per user each month.

Summarize Zoom meeting transcripts to save time

Nutshell seamlessly integrates with Zoom so you can log Zoom meetings as activities and attach them to your other calendar-synced activities in Nutshell.  With AI-powered Zoom transcription summarization, you get access to meeting recordings and can summarize the transcriptions at the touch of a button.

Zoom meeting transcriptions will help your team keep track of conversations with customers and prospects so you never miss an important detail. 

Sign up for Power AI to add the benefits of artificial intelligence to your CRM

Leveraging the Power AI plan will save your team time and energy sorting through your people, company, and lead timelines and reviewing Zoom transcripts. You’ll benefit from increased efficiency and be able to accomplish more during your day. 

And since the Power AI plan also includes every Nutshell Pro feature, like sales automation, advanced reporting, and personal email sequences, this tier is truly a powerhouse. 

To see how AI can boost your CRM, try Nutshell’s Power AI plan!

Unlock Nutshell Power AI for free for 14 days

Use the power of AI to…

  • Summarize your people, company, and lead timelines
  • Summarize Zoom meeting transcriptions
  • Take advantage of every feature in Nutshell Pro

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