How to Find the Best-Suited Call Monitoring Software for Your Business

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Effective and speedy responses to customer inquiries can significantly affect customer satisfaction. Front-line service departments like sales and support thrive when they receive a substantial number of calls daily.

But do sales representatives really know how to pitch their products and services to potential clients? Where is your team succeeding, and what do you need to adjust in the sales process?

Call monitoring software can give you answers to all these questions. However, there are a million different call-tracking options to choose from. So, how do you select the best software for your team?

To help you find suitable software that caters to your team’s specific requirements, we’re going to discuss the following:

Let’s start with the basics and delve deeper into the facets of call monitoring software.

What is call monitoring software?

Call monitoring software enables you to listen in on, capture, and examine phone conversations between your staff and customers. It’s geared toward facilitating the efficiency and uniformity of support procedures for sales, customer support managers, and supervisors on any available communication channel.

Why is call center monitoring software important?

Call monitoring software lets companies systematically grade, assess, and report agent calls to determine the efficacy of sales and customer care agents’ interactions with clients. Its main goal is to boost agent efficiency to increase productivity and profitability.

It’s the best technique to help inexperienced or confused customer service reps handle tough calls. It enables you to give instantaneous feedback or take notes while on the phone and, after, have a constructive conversation about their strengths and areas for development. It also serves as a valuable tool for quality assurance and employee training and onboarding.

How does call monitoring software work?

When you use call monitoring software, managers can listen in on each incoming or outgoing call. For managers, this means being able to monitor teams’ interactions with customers. 

You can listen in on conversations covertly, communicate with your agents during the call without the customer knowing, or even have a two-way conversation with the caller and agent simultaneously.

Additionally, call center monitoring software allows businesses to identify areas of weakness in agent performance and train new hires on the job. A call recording feature is also an essential component of call monitoring software for this reason.

Call recording enables sales and customer care managers to record calls for playback later or for use in coaching new employees.

5 functions to look for in a call monitoring software

There are numerous call monitoring technologies available, but what should you look for in call monitoring software?

Take a look at the following essential features to consider when shopping for suitable software for your team:

  • In-process, real-time call monitoring
  • Call recording feature
  • Call whispering and barging functions
  • Custom team-specific features
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) compatibility

In-process, real-time call monitoring

The ability to listen in on calls is essential for effective call monitoring. Live call monitoring helps you get insights into how your staff performs, what skills they possess, and the current climate of the industry and your customers in real-time.

Call recording feature

Being a manager means having more responsibilities, from routine duties to dealing with unexpected crises—and of course, those pesky meetings. Sometimes, you’re not always available to listen in on and privately interact with your team members while they are on live calls with customers.

That’s why it’s crucial to be able to record calls for quality assurance and to enhance coaching and training. 

That said, the best call monitoring software will record all incoming and outgoing calls, enabling you to play them back, analyze trends, and preserve the most impressive calls to train your new agents.

Call whispering and barging functions

Call monitoring goes beyond merely listening to your staff’s interactions with customers. A proper call monitoring software offers whisper and barge features.

The call whisper feature allows you to provide your team with real-time guidance without the client or prospect overhearing your conversation. Furthermore, call barging enables you to join an ongoing call to assist a representative who is having difficulty answering a customer’s questions or placating an angry one.

Custom team-specific features

A suitable call monitoring software for your business includes features that cater to the needs of your team. For instance, your sales team might benefit from a call tracking tool that offers features like a power dialer designed to increase phone productivity

They might also benefit from a solution that works in tandem with popular video conferencing apps like Zoom.

Customer relationship management (CRM) compatibility

Context is key to a great phone conversation. Sales agents have more productive conversations with prospects if they are prepared with information about the prospect’s previous interactions with the team, the level of interest they have shown so far, and any pertinent details about the prospect’s business.

This information is necessary for conducting productive calls in which the customer or prospect feels heard and appreciated. That’s where CRM functionalities come into play.

Reliable CRM software, like Nutshell, is compatible with various call monitoring software. When you integrate call monitoring software with your CRM software, you’ll have a potent tool that can boost the efficiency of any business. 

At the very least, your current CRM system should be compatible with your chosen call monitoring solution.

Integrate your call monitoring software with Nutshell to boost your sales team’s efficiency

Nutshell is a robust CRM system that facilitates teamwork and maximizes individual productivity. It’s an adaptable platform that integrates with various call monitoring software, Gmail, Outlook, Constant Contact, and many other applications.

Nutshell is an alternative to traditional sales management software in that it provides limitless contact records, data storage, and free, real-time customer service. It’s an all-in-one toolkit with everything your sales team needs to begin making more informed, strategic sales decisions without the need for costly upgrades or add-ons.

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