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Introducing Nutshell Scheduler, Our New Meeting Tool

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Staying ahead of your upcoming meetings and appointments is critical for sales success, and keeping an accurate record of those meetings in your CRM can help you streamline your workflow and get a fuller picture of your relationship with customers. We’ve launched Nutshell Scheduler to help you do just that.

With Scheduler, you can easily plan, schedule, and manage meetings with clients or potential customers, all without leaving Nutshell. Whether you need to book a sales call, demo session, or any other type of meeting, including meetings with multiple hosts, Scheduler streamlines your workflow and connects you to your team and your prospects.

And—unlike Calendly or other standalone tools—Scheduler is fully integrated with Nutshell, so the activities you schedule are automatically tracked in your CRM, with forms that can collect contact information and custom fields.

What is Scheduler?

Scheduler is a calendar management tool that works in Nutshell to simplify meeting planning, connect your appointments, and sync meeting information with contact information.

Scheduler will help your team:

  • Streamline your appointment scheduling process and end confusing email exchanges about when to meet
  • Collect bookings with a link you email to your prospects or with a form embedded on your site
  • Create a Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams link to include in the meeting invitation
  • Link a form in the appointment invitation to learn more about your prospect before your meeting
  • Automatically create new leads in Nutshell when you receive a new booking

How Scheduler works

Scheduler is located under the Calendar section in Nutshell. 

Scheduler syncs with your existing Google or Office 365 calendar to know your availability, so you’ll need to connect and enable the calendar you want Scheduler to use. Invitees will easily be able to see your availability and pick a convenient time to meet up.

Configuring meetings

With your Google or Office 365 account connected, you can start configuring your Scheduler appointments.

When creating a meeting, you can choose whether to host a meeting solo or with co-hosts. If you select ‘co-host,’ you can choose the other hosts from your team with the dropdown menu. You can also add co-hosts to existing meetings by navigating to the meeting and selecting ‘Add co-host(s).’

Host selection dialog in Scheduler

Once you’ve created a meeting and chosen the meeting hosts, Scheduler lets you customize each meeting with all the information you need, such as:

  • Meeting name 
  • Description
  • Booking confirmation message
  • Duration
  • Location, whether in-person, virtual, or over the phone
  • Nutshell activity type
  • Your availability

You’ll also be prompted to connect your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams account from the location dropdown if you select a virtual location.

To log your meeting as an activity, go to the Bookings tab on the Scheduler page and click on the meeting name.

When you click on the Form tab on the Scheduler page, you can:

  • Add and edit form fields to be included in your Scheduler link
  • Configure rules to automatically add a new person, company, or lead in Nutshell with a form submission
  • Set up notifications to be notified as soon as a new meeting is booked

The Advanced options tab lets you set additional preferences, such as:

  • A date range that the meeting can be booked
  • A minimum amount of notice someone must provide before booking a meeting
  • Time slots for invitees 
  • Maximum number of appointments per day
  • Buffer time before and after the meeting

The Bookings tab is also the place to go to manage your meetings. You’ll see a comprehensive list of all your appointments with details like:

  • Meeting name
  • Meeting date
  • Appointment status (Scheduled, Past, and Canceled)
  • Booked by
  • Date the booking was made
  • Link to the form submission
  • Buttons to reschedule, remove, or cancel a booking

Streamlining the booking process

With your appointment configured, Scheduler makes it easy to get the right people on board. By checking the ‘Let people book this meeting’ checkbox, you allow invitees to access and book the meeting. Unchecking the box deactivates the meeting.

The Preview button lets you preview your meeting details before sharing the booking.

You can either copy the meeting link to share with invitees or click the Share button, which will open a modal with the same link. 

Sending confirmation emails

For extra clarity and convenience for your meeting invitees, Scheduler will also send confirmation emails once a meeting is booked. As soon as participants book an appointment, they’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details, like the meeting name, date, time, and location.

The confirmation email also gives participants the ability to reschedule or cancel if needed, helping everyone remain flexible.

Frequently asked questions 

What to know more about Scheduler and how it can benefit your team? These answers might have the information you’re looking for:

How can I access Scheduler?

Scheduler is available as part of Revenue Booster, our new add-on that will give your business even more muscle in your CRM. Customers on every Nutshell plan can add Revenue Booster to their account to take advantage of Scheduler and more upcoming features! For now, you can try Scheduler out during a 14-day free trial of Revenue Booster.

Are there multiple ways to share meeting links?

Besides copying and pasting the link to a meeting, you’ll also be able to access an embed code for your meeting. Share the embed code on your website so website visitors can easily see your availability and make a booking.

Make booking appointments easier than ever with Scheduler 

Ready to start effortlessly scheduling, booking, and managing meetings in Nutshell? Try Scheduler and see for yourself how it can simplify bookings for your entire team. If you have any questions, contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help!  

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