Nutshell for Gmail: Save time and stay organized with our latest Chrome extension!

Do you use Gmail for work? Good. You’re going to love this.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new Nutshell for Gmail Chrome extension, which lets you manage your Nutshell contacts and leads directly from your Gmail inbox.

A CRM has to sync with your email in order to be effective, which is why Nutshell has made Gmail integration a top priority since day one.

Nutshell was the first CRM to enter the G Suite Marketplace when we released our popular Google gadget, allowing users to view their contacts in Gmail, create new contacts, save emails to Nutshell, sync their calendar activities, and more.

The Nutshell for Gmail Chrome extension includes all the necessary email and calendar sync features, and adds the following capabilities

  • Create tasks
  • Track communication timelines
  • Write notes
  • See which emails have been shared with your teammates in Nutshell
  • Share email threads and messages directly from Gmail, without having to forward or bcc them to Nutshell

No more wasting time switching between applications—the Nutshell for Gmail extension puts everything in one place, helping you save time and stay productive.

Work where you work with Nutshell + Gmail.

Download the Nutshell for Gmail Chrome extension for free at the Chrome web store, and please leave a comment below or tweet us to let us know what you think!

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Craig Grade says

January 9, 2018

Can you please provide some direction on how to use this new functionality through Nutshell?

Ben Goldstein says

January 9, 2018

Hi Craig! Have you already downloaded the extension and logged in within your Gmail? This article shows you a little more on what the setup process will look like:

Once you've logged into the extension, opening an email with one of your contacts will pull up info from their Nutshell contact record, and options to create tasks and notes. If there's something specific in the extension that you're having trouble with, please reply here or email Thanks!

HP Printer Support says

September 10, 2018

This is the kind of thing I've always wanted in my email inbox but just didn't know it! I hate having emails sitting in my inbox that I have to come back to but can't archive because I know I'll forget about them.

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