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Episode #6: Medical Devices and Cash Flow Challenges With Gina Adams

someone's gotta make it with gina adams founder and ceo of wareologie

Cash flow is something that all founders have to figure out in order to get their businesses on strong footing. But even experienced entrepreneurs can be thrown off-course by unexpected expenses or lower-than-expected orders.

On the season finale of Someone’s Gotta Make It, we talk to Wareologie Founder & CEO Gina Adams, who has learned plenty of cash flow lessons the hard way while designing and selling medical equipment and adaptive devices.

What do you need to know about cash flow before starting a business of your own? What are the common landmines that often surprise inexperienced owners? If you’re early in your journey as a business founder, Gina’s advice could save you a lot of emotional anguish.

Plus: What it’s like to get an angry memo from the White House.


Read the episode transcript here.


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