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Episode #2: Bedsheets and Skill Building With Janet Wischnia

someone's gotta make it with Janet Wischnia

What if you launched a new business and nobody showed up?

It’s the kind of nightmare scenario that would make an entrepreneur wake up in a cold sweat—and Janet Wischnia survived it.

After leading her family’s bedsheet business as CEO for 16 years, Janet launched the direct-to-consumer brand American Blossom Linens in 2019. But running a DTC business came with a steep learning curve, and Janet was suddenly faced with everything she didn’t know about selling in the modern era.

On this episode of Someone’s Gotta Make It, Janet discusses the challenges of keeping up with modern business tactics to stay competitive and how she was able to overcome her early stumbles to breathe new life into a very traditional product category.

Plus: Why “thread counts” are a total scam.


Read the episode transcript here.

VIDEO: How to fold a fitted sheet, with Janet Wischnia

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