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Our Q2 2024 Product Roadmap

It was a busy first quarter here at Nutshell! We rolled out new features like: 

(Missed some of these new updates when they launched? Check out our Q1 roadmap and the Product Updates page on our site to see a full list of the most recent Nutshell releases.) 

Now we’re sharing our updated product roadmap for Q2. Ahead, check out which Nutshell features we’re upgrading and get excited about new capabilities (hint: there’s some text you won’t want to miss!): 

Nutshell Forms spam prevention 

Have you ever been frustrated by spammy form submissions? We’re introducing new tools to help your team filter out the spammers and get to the real leads faster.

You’ll be able to add one of three levels of spam prevention to your forms:

  • “Always on” shows a captcha on every form submission
  • “Mostly invisible” only shows a captcha when Nutshell suspects a spam attempt 
  • “Off” continues business as usual

Chrome extension upgrades

We believe the best CRM works where you do. (It’s one of our founding principles.) To do that even better, we’re bringing you Chrome extension updates that will make using your Nutshell email templates seamless. 

With the new and improved Nutshell Chrome extension, you’ll be able to send your templated Nutshell emails directly from your Gmail inbox, saving you time and helping you keep communication consistent. 

You’ll also be able to track the views and clicks of all emails sent from your Chrome extension to stay on top of email engagement.


We launched VisitorIQ in 2023, giving you the ability to learn about your website visitors and add them in Nutshell to warm up your cold outreach. This quarter, we’re introducing PeopleIQ, the parent-product of VisitorIQ. 

With PeopleIQ, you’ll get:

  • Suggestions of people who work for the companies already in your book of business
  • The ability to add those people to your CRM, right from the company page 

PeopleIQ gets you in front of the right point-of-contact even faster, so reach out to the right people and start building relationships.


Q2 is also bringing a new AI feature, Voice-to-notes. This feature will capture and populate text as you speak, making it even easier to log your notes on a lead or customer. You’ll be able to voice record notes on your Lead, People, and Company timelines and in the pop-up that appears when logging an activity.

Parent-child relationships 

If your business has multiple locations or franchises, keeping leads and customers organized by location is critical for optimizing your chances of a sale. 

That’s why another major update this quarter is parent-child relationships. Parent companies will be able to create a company hierarchy in Nutshell and use new filtering tools to better understand their overall data and data from child companies.

Nutshell SMS 

You’ve asked, and we’re answering. We’re excited to share that Nutshell SMS is coming soon! Our product development team is hard at work designing an inbox in Nutshell where you can send and receive text messages with your clients and leads, so you can incorporate SMS in your process for nurturing customer relationships. 

To improve insight into how your text messages relate to your sales process, we’re integrating SMS with Nutshell’s sales automation features to let you schedule text message drips and sequences. We’ll also display text messages on Lead, People, and Company timelines and include them in activity reports.

Zoom and phone call transcription enhancements 

With this upgrade, you can automatically transcribe your Zoom and Nutshell phone calls. Transcriptions will be seamless and more accurate, cutting down on the steps you have to take to make the most out of Nutshell Power AI.

SSO (single sign on)

Finally, Nutshell is expanding its SSO capabilities from Google and Microsoft 365 to other platforms like Okta and Active Directory. You’ll be able to require SSO for your team members to create a passwordless Nutshell login, and Enterprise customers will have additional account provisioning and password controls. 

Stay tuned for these updates and more in 2024! 

Our team is excited to share these upgrades with you as they launch throughout the quarter! Keep an eye on our Product Updates & Enhancements page to catch everything you need to know about new features. 

As always, our support team is available to help you make the most of these updates and answer any questions along the way.

Happy Nutshelling!

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