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Introducing Company Hierarchy in Nutshell

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Does your company need to track leads across a large organization with multiple child companies? 

Introducing company hierarchy in Nutshell! Now you can create a company hierarchy and designate multiple child companies within a larger organization’s structure. 

This new feature simplifies lead and sale tracking, giving you better insight into your leads across subsidiaries of a parent company.

How do parent/child companies work?

Nutshell lets you create relationships between parent and child companies, then connects their data to give you an overarching view of leads and sales across all your client relationships.

How can I create child companies?

Here’s a quick guide for utilizing the new company hierarchy feature: 

Easily add parent or child companies from any company page

You can add new parent-child relationships in just a few clicks.   

To include any company in a parent-child hierarchy, navigate to that company’s record page. Under the ‘Company Hierarchy’ section in the right column, use the ‘Add’ buttons to associate a parent or child entity with the company. You can select from the companies you’ve already added to Nutshell.

When adding a parent or child company, you can input the company’s name, location, and a description.

See all your leads at a glance

Want to see all the leads in your pipelines—across all locations of an organization? Use the lead roll-up section! 

Higher up in the right column on the parent company’s page, click on ‘Leads’ to view all related leads associated with a parent company’s child companies, their value, and status. Then click ‘View all’ to dive into the data.

Use filters to get the information you need

You can also use new filters to get a better view of parent and child companies you have in Nutshell. Wherever you see a parent or child company, the icons will also indicate whether it’s a parent or child for your quick reference. 

Frequently asked questions about parent/child companies

If you’re looking for more information about company hierarchy, check out these FAQs:

Who can use parent/child organization?

The company hierarchy feature is available for Nutshell customers on Pro plans and above. 

How many parent and child companies can be included in one organization?

Each organization can only have one parent company. You can add as many child companies to that organizational structure as you want. 

Can I create company hierarchies en masse?

Yes, Nutshell’s CSV / spreadsheet importer allows you to connect and create company hierarchies, matching existing companies by name.

What happens when I remove a parent/child relationship?

You can easily unassociate a parent and child company, and don’t worry—your individual company records will remain in Nutshell. 

Improve lead tracking and customer management with company hierarchy  

This new company hierarchy feature will enhance your team’s ability to track leads and manage client relationships across all your opportunities, whether it’s a small business or one location of a much larger organization. 

Nutshell provides even more ways to help your team track and work leads to close more deals. Want to try Nutshell for yourself? Start your 14-day free trial!    

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