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How to Unite Your Sales and Marketing Efforts With Nutshell’s Unbounce Integration

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Quick question for anyone who uses Unbounce in their marketing stack: Which of your campaigns drove the most revenue for your company last month?

As marketers, it’s critical that we understand the business impact of our efforts. Dumping leads into the top of the funnel isn’t enough—we need to know which campaigns are ultimately leading to revenue, and which ones should be cut loose.

Without the right tools to measure these things, there’s no connectivity between marketing and sales. Sure, you can see the overall conversion rates of your Unbounce landing pages, but unless you have a CRM integration to track individual leads to their conclusions, you don’t know whether or not those leads are worth a damn.

That disconnect creates inefficiency, and it’s one of the reasons why sales and marketing departments are often enemies under the same roof. (One of the sales reps at my last job referred to our marketing department as “arts and crafts,” which I’ve never fully recovered from.)

But…there is hope. Nutshell recently released a killer upgrade to our one-click Unbounce integration that unites your sales and marketing efforts and sheds some much-needed sunlight on the performance of individual campaigns.

Nutshell + Unbounce CRM integration: How it works

In addition to automatically creating leads and capturing information into Nutshell from Unbounce form submissions, our integration will now show you a list of your Unbounce pages within Nutshell and automatically attach the right sources to your leads so that you can see which Unbounce pages and sources are winning when it comes to generating sales.

Every lead coming into Nutshell from Unbounce includes three sources:

  • Unbounce page
  • Unbounce page: Name of landing page
  • Unbounce page: Name of landing page (variant)

In other words, you can quickly and easily filter your won leads by all leads that came from Unbounce pages, by the specific Unbounce page they came from (using the name of the page as a filter), or by the variant of the page (using the variant name as a filter).

It’s really that simple. Now, you’ll be able to determine which landing pages and variants are most successful from a revenue standpoint, giving you the insights you need to be a more effective marketer. Who knows, the sales team might even start buying you coffee once in a while. (Dare to dream!)

To see Nutshell’s new-and-improved Unbounce integration in action, start a 14-day trial of Nutshell and click on the Unbounce tab in your Company settings. Enjoy!

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