Fünf Dinge, von denen Sie nicht wussten, dass Sie sie mit Constant Contact tun können

When it comes to digital marketing, a customer’s email address is a golden ticket to capturing their attention.

A well-tuned email marketing campaign is one of the best ways to keep customers coming back and supplying them with everything they need to know about your business.

Creating a truly effective and engaging email campaign used to be a full-time job in itself. Nowadays, modern automation tools like Constant Contact—an email marketing tool that integrates with Nutshell—make it easy to create engaging email marketing campaigns that will keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers.

While email marketing used to be a relatively impersonal process of collecting emails and sending out bulk messages to your entire list, modern automation tools have created a far more customer-focused landscape where emails can automatically be targeted based on the recipients’ personas and behavior.

When properly set up and integrated with your CRM, Constant Contact serves as a dedicated automated assistant capable of sending the right emails to the right users at the right time, maximizing your engagement. But Constant Contact is more than just a platform for managing your email list. Here are a few things you (probably) didn’t know Constant Contact could do:

1. Trigger Emails Based On User Actions

Effective marketing is all about understanding what your customer is looking for and providing it to them as seamlessly as possible.

That’s where Constant Contact’s automated triggers come into play. Within the Constant Contact interface, you can easily trigger a single email or an entire series of messages based on user actions.

Using the Constant Contact API, you can take things even further by integrating Constant Contact features with your existing website.

This means that whenever a user does something—like clicking a link on your site or read one of your previous emails—you can automatically send them follow up emails related to these specific actions.

For example, you could set up a trigger to send a return customer a special coupon if they happen to be browsing a certain area of your site. With this high degree of targeting, you can serve them only the coupons they are most likely to put to use, simultaneously offering them savings while reminding them of what you have to offer.

You could even set up a series of emails from their inactivity. If a customer isn’t opening your emails, you can automatically resend messages or have a tailored message sent to grab the attention of these seemingly inattentive users.

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2. Create Interactive Email Campaigns

You might think of an email as just a bunch of text and maybe a few images. But why take such a static approach? After all, the web is an interactive place.

Constant Contact makes it a breeze to add interactive content to your email. You can create emails which allow your users to do important things such as:

  • RSVP to an event
  • Fill out a poll or survey to provide invaluable customer feedback
  • Donate to your event or business

Put to good use, their suite of design tools allows you to create email campaigns which benefit both your customers and your business. Not only will this help you boost engagement and generate leads, it can also lead to a more seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

When your users feel like your emails are actually adding value to their everyday lives and not simply blasting them with advertisements, they’re far more likely to open and engage with them.

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3. Track Your Results in Real Time

In many respects, email marketing is a game of numbers—and waiting. You’re sending out large volumes of emails over the course of days or weeks, so it’s always necessary to exercise a bit of patience in your expectations of results.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be left waiting in the dark. Constant Contact’s real-time tracking gives you all the details you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your latest email marketing campaign.

You can track new and lost subscribers, see how many of your emails are being opened, track clicks, and get hard numbers on how many people are sharing your emails, as soon as your users perform these actions.

You’ll also find all the nitty gritty details about your delivery rate, like how many emails bounce or are reported as spam.

But you get a bit more than just raw numbers. Constant Contact integrates with your favorite CRM software where it provides these detailed breakdowns complete with graphs, animations, and attractive graphics which you can easily view directly from your CRM dashboard.

On top of all the excellent reporting, the Constant Contact Knowledge Base even offers some handy tips on how to interpret your results and gauge the success of your email campaign.

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4. Create Dynamic Signup Forms

Email marketing begins with collecting email addresses. That means you need a reliable and engaging way to get capture a user’s attention and ask for their information.

Some businesses and websites are downright pushy and spammy with their email collection techniques. With Constant Contact, you can create dynamic signup forms which can be triggered based on a variety of actions users would naturally perform on your site.

This allows you to create targeted messages which are only delivered to users who perform certain actions, providing you with an unobtrusive way to invite new users to join your email list.

Rather than an obnoxious popup which assaults every user on your site, you can create carefully targeted signup forms that only display when your users perform a specific action, visit a certain page, or scroll far enough down a page.

Constant Contact’s interface makes it dead simple to develop code for attractive signup forms, which just needs to be copied and pasted onto your site to make it live.

Instead of hitting your every visitor with a generic cookie-cutter message asking for their email, you can craft a targeted message which puts their needs and interests first, before suggesting they sign up for your email list so that you can help achieve their goals.

5. Design Beautiful Email Templates in Minutes

If you’ve opened an email from a major company in the last few years, you might have noticed how much pizazz is being put into modern marketing emails.

Emails are now carefully formatted to direct the reader’s attention through clever graphics, careful layouts, and attractive fonts. Designing a snazzy email template is almost as much work as formatting and laying out a website.

But with Constant Contact, you don’t need to be a graphic designer just to make an attractive email campaign. Right out of the box, Constant Contact comes with a huge catalog of hundreds of attractive templates to choose from.

Should you be unable to find anything satisfactory among the selection of pre-made templates, Constant Contact makes it simple to create your own templates using their What You See IWhat You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, which takes all of the guesswork out of designing an email. Constant Contact even allows you to take a sneak peak at what your email will look like when displayed in popular email clients.

You’ll never need to fuss with HTML tags or CSS code (unless you want to, of course!). Just point, click, and drag images and elements wherever you want them. Use familiar tools like the color picker to change up the color scheme, or the built-in font selection to find the typeface which best represents your message.

You don’t even need to start from scratch. Constant Contact’s editor allows you to begin customizing any of their pre-made themes. Just dive in with one that’s closest to your vision and use the powerful toolkit to customize to your heart’s content.

This editor is quite impressive on the surface, but there is also a lot going on under the hood. Constant Contact takes care of all the nitty gritty formatting details for you, ensuring that whatever you create, will be displayed beautifully on all the different devices your users will view it on, whether it’s a small mobile phone, a spacious tablet device, or a juggernaut desktop display.

See How Far Email Marketing Can Take Your Business

If you’ve just been relying on an old-school, static email management software, it’s time to step into the new era of email marketing.

Constant Contact is all about growing your business through the efficacy and reach of your email lists. This is a philosophy which is reflected in every aspect of its design, which is geared towards simplifying the user experience and setup of the software, letting you spend more time designing the perfect email campaign and finding novel methods of using your new tools to engage with customers old and new alike.

Constant Contact can also be integrated into your favorite CRM software with just a few clicks. Nutshell’s Constant Contact integration through Zapier ensures that your email marketing and CRM stay in sync through automatic updates.

You can also opt to use Nutshell Campaigns, our native email marketing automation tool, which enables you to design emails, create custom audiences, and send newsletters right from your CRM so there’s no need to pay for and integrate a separate email marketing tool. Learn more about Nutshell Campaigns.


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