The 3 best CRMs that integrate with Constant Contact

Melinda Burris
Contributor, Sell to Win
Melinda Burris
Contributor, Sell to Win
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Serving more than 600,000 customers around the world, Constant Contact is one of the world’s most popular email marketing platforms, due to its flexibility and simplicity.

Constant Contact offers email marketing automation, campaign creation, and workflow creation tools that make it easy to turn leads into customers.

One of the most compelling aspects of the platform is its capacity for integration with other software. By itself, Constant Contact can be a powerful marketing tool, but when it’s paired with a CRM, you can use it to make your email marketing more targeted and impactful while taking a lot of the grunt-work out of lead nurturing.

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Why Integrate Your CRM With Constant Contact?

Connecting your email marketing platform to your CRM gives your sales team important context on each lead. Sales reps can use information from their email marketing software to understand how long a lead has been on their marketing list and which marketing messages they were most interested in (based on their history of opens or clicks). Sales reps can review this info before a sales call to have a more focused and relevant conversation.

Integrating Constant Contact with your CRM also saves your team a lot of time. Syncing both platforms means you don’t have to manually add new contacts in your email marketing platform when you create new contacts in your CRM, and vice versa.

Some CRMs even offer automations that subscribe contacts to a specific email marketing list or drip campaign when a lead reaches a certain stage in your pipeline—saving you the trouble of having to constantly manage those email lists yourself.

The Top 3 CRMs That Integrate With Constant Contact

Now that you know the value of integrating your email marketing software with your CRM, here are three leading CRMs that integrate effectively with Constant Contact.

1. Nutshell

Nutshell offers a user-friendly, flexible CRM experience, while still being powerful enough for large teams and complex sales processes. Hands-down the greatest value in the CRM space, all Nutshell subscriptions come with unlimited data storage and free live support.

Nutshell is the only top-ranked CRM that offers a native integration with Constant Contact. All other CRMs that we’ve evaluated require hookups through Zapier or other third-party integration tools to get them talking to your Constant Contact account.

Nutshell’s Constant Contact Integration

Nutshell’s Constant Contact CRM integration offers one-click data integration, making it easy to sync data from Constant Contact to Nutshell and vice-versa. Any new contacts that are added to Nutshell or to Constant Contact will automatically be synced between the two applications.

Each Person page within the Nutshell CRM shows a panel on the right-hand side that tells you which Constant Contact list the person is in, their specific open and click rates, as well as any interaction they’ve had with your emails.

Other benefits of Nutshell’s integration with Constant Contact are the ability to see how contacts interact with emails; you can see exactly what your contacts have clicked on. And if you’re a Pro customer, you can automatically place leads into appropriate Constant Contact lists as they go through your funnel.

Heads up: Nutshell customers can get up to 25% off the cost of a Constant Contact subscription at this link.

Other Standout Features

Personal Email Sequences: Create and schedule one-on-one sales drips that are used to draw more replies from your prospects. These sales drips send email follow-ups automatically and stop the sequence once your contact responds.

Nutshell’s Extensions for Gmail and Outlook: Nutshell offers extensions for Gmail as well as Outlook, which put essential contact management features inside your email client.

Pipeline Management: With Nutshell, you can filter and segment leads based on any shared attribute, and put your hottest leads front and center. To help you visualize your pipeline, Nutshell offers a drag-and-drop board, a fully interactive map, and simple, spreadsheet-style lead lists.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful marketing platform combined with a CRM. Used by over 70,000 customers in more than 100 countries, HubSpot is acclaimed for pioneering the inbound marketing methodology.

HubSpot’s Constant Contact Integration

Although HubSpot does not offer native integration with Constant Contact, they do let you connect the two through the use of

When you connect HubSpot and Constant Contact, your contacts will be synced automatically between the two platforms.

HubSpot also offers you the ability to create cross-functional workflows in minutes. You’ll be able to automate your workflows easily and see how people move throughout your campaigns.

Other Standout Features

Gmail and Outlook Extension: HubSpot, like Nutshell, offers browser extensions that allow your emails from Gmail and Outlook to automatically sync into HubSpot’s CRM.

Personal Email Sequences: HubSpot, again like Nutshell, offers you the ability to create and schedule sales drips that will continuously engage a user until they respond. This capability is offered with Nutshell’s Pro package ($39/user/month), whereas with HubSpot, you have to pay for the sales add-on that costs $200 per user per month. While this feature is great, it is a bit expensive.

How To Get Started With HubSpot

HubSpot offers a flexible pricing tier that gives users the ability to create and pay for a plan unique to them. If you’re looking for a free option, their CRM does offer a limited number of contacts with a free plan. This could work for you if you have a small team, or are just using the software yourself.

One of the biggest downsides to using Constant Contact with Hubspot is that Hubspot is also an email marketing platform: This is why they don’t offer direct integration with Constant Contact. You have to go through a third-party software to get the connection to work.

If you’re between Hubspot and Nutshell, see how they compare directly to each other.


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3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is great for small teams looking for an affordable CRM option with a company-wide view of your sales pipeline. You’re able to easily manage leads and deals, track communications, and automate your sales process.

Like HubSpot, Pipedrive integration with Constant Contact is only available through a third-party connection.

Pipedrive’s Constant Contact Integration

Using PieSync to connect Constant Contact to Pipedrive, you can set up real-time two-way contact syncs. Anytime you add a new contact to Constant Contact or Pipedrive, they’re synced with each other.

You can also decide which contacts you want to sync with the rule-based Intelligent Syncing, putting you in charge of your contacts. If there are some contacts you don’t want to receive certain emails, you have the option of excluding them from the syncing and keeping your lists clean.

You can also use Zapier to connect your Pipedrive with Constant Contact. The benefit of using Zapier over PieSync is that Zapier is free for a certain number of triggers. You’re also able to track very specific actions such as when someone opens an email, clicks on something in an email, or when there’s a new contact added to the software.

Other Standout Features

Pipedrive’s Email Connections: You’re able to sync your Gmail and Outlook contacts with the Pipedrive connection. This allows you to easily import your contacts into your Pipedrive database and into your Constant Contact account.

View Interaction Activities: As mentioned previously, you’re able to view when a new contact is added, when a contact takes action on an email, and when someone subscribes within Pipedrive.

How to Get Started With Pipedrive

It’s easy to get started with Pipedrive, but compared to Nutshell and HubSpot, it has fewer features to offer. You also have to use a third party to get the software to connect, and the only major benefit is the ability to cross-sync contacts.

To learn more about how Nutshell compares to Pipedrive check out this comparison sheet.

Take Nutshell’s Constant Contact CRM Integration for a Spin!

It’s easy to get started with our Constant Contact integration once you have a Nutshell account. Once inside Nutshell, just visit Setup > Integrations, click Enable in the Constant Contact section, and sign in to export your contacts from Nutshell into Constant Contact and keep them synced going forward.

You can use the integration to...

  • Automatically place leads into the appropriate Constant Contact list as they advance through your pipeline
  • Move leads into separate customer vs. nurture lists when leads are won and lost
  • Send individuals or groups to Constant Contact with one click
  • See up-to-date open, click, and bounce rates from Constant Contact inside of Nutshell
  • Filter your leads and contacts by how they engage with your email campaigns, which allows you to prioritize your most engaged leads
  • Automatically create people in Nutshell when you get new Constant Contact subscribers

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