Episodio nº 5: Farmacia inyectable y comunicación en equipo con Eric Merle


We all struggle to be understood at work sometimes. And most of us don’t have to spend all day speaking two languages while promoting a technology that sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

As the Chief Business Innovation Officer for Genoskin, Eric Merle is an expert at getting his point across. On this episode of Someone’s Gotta Make It, Eric shares his advice on the most common challenges of business communication, from cross-departmental collaboration to putting complex ideas into terms everyone can understand.

We also talk about “ex vivo human skin models” and how this unique (and kind of freaky) technology has helped the pharma industry move away from human and animal test subjects.

Además: ¿Por qué se te hincha el brazo cuando te ponen una inyección?


Lea aquí la transcripción del episodio.


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