Nutshell Forms

Design and embed simple web forms that automatically add new contact records and leads to your CRM. No complex integrations or manual data entry required!

Your marketing efforts are attracting visitors to your website…so now what? We built Nutshell Forms to help our customers turn website visitors into sales leads with zero manual effort. Build and embed a form on your site in minutes, automatically add new contacts to marketing audiences and tagged lists, and measure the conversion rate of every published form.


Generate more leads: Give your website visitors an easy way to get in touch with you. You can set up Nutshell Forms to automatically create leads for your sales team, so interested buyers won’t fall through the cracks. We’ll tag new contacts and add them to marketing lists for you, so you’ll know exactly who needs sales outreach and who needs further nurturing from your marketing department.

Save time: When you embed online forms on your website, you usually have two choices: manually transfer the data you collect into your CRM or set up a complicated integration. Both of these solutions cost you time and create frustration. Nutshell Forms are fully integrated with our award-winning sales and marketing platform, so the data you collect immediately goes into your CRM.

Save money: Why pay for an expensive third-party webform tool when Nutshell does it for free? Nutshell Forms are included in all Nutshell subscriptions, which means you can cut one more tool (and monthly bill) from your sales and marketing software stack.

What it does

With Nutshell Forms, you can design online forms to collect whatever information you need, embed them on your website (or share them via hosted link), and measure the effectiveness of each form. By including next steps, you’ll have full control over what happens to the data once it hits your CRM.

For more information, check out this blog post or the step-by-step instructions in our Help Center.


Nutshell Forms are available to admin-level users in every Nutshell Sales subscription, starting at $20/user/month.

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