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7 Signs You Need a Better Sales Process [Infographic]

a yellow poster that says "7 signs you need a better sales Process "

Selling should be a well-coordinated team effort—not an every-man-for-himself Battle Royale.

Check out our infographic below to see if your current sales process is doing more harm than good, and visit to learn how we can help!

Nutshell presents: 7 signs you need a better sales process

  • Your company’s current sales process is Always Be Closing. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • Because tying a string around your finger never works. [Tweet this!]
  • You have 14 different Dougs in your database, and you can’t remember which is the important one. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • The most commonly heard phrase in your office is “Wait, was I supposed to follow up with that guy?” [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • You assign leads based on the “No fair, I called dibs!” system. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • 1) Initiate contact. 2) Set up demo. 3) Forget about demo. 4) Complain about the leads. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • Instead of sales training, new reps are ordered to watch the Ben Affleck speech from ‘Boiler Room.’ [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]

Does your sales team need to get on the same page? Visit to see how our award-winning CRM helps sales reps know what to do and when to do it.

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This article is part of our Playbook for Managing a Sales Team.

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