7 Signs You Need a Better Sales Process [Infographic]

Selling should be a well-coordinated team effort—not an every-man-for-himself Battle Royale.

Check out our infographic below to see if your current sales process is doing more harm than good, and visit nutshell.com/features to learn how we can help!

Nutshell presents: 7 signs you need a better sales process

  • Your company’s current sales process is Always Be Closing. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • Because tying a string around your finger never works. [Tweet this!]
  • You have 14 different Dougs in your database, and you can’t remember which is the important one. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • The most commonly heard phrase in your office is “Wait, was I supposed to follow up with that guy?” [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • You assign leads based on the “No fair, I called dibs!” system. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • 1) Initiate contact. 2) Set up demo. 3) Forget about demo. 4) Complain about the leads. [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]
  • Instead of sales training, new reps are ordered to watch the Ben Affleck speech from ‘Boiler Room.’ [Tweet this!] [Get the GIF!]

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This article is part of our Playbook for Managing a Sales Team.


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