4 Key Features Every Construction CRM Needs

How far can rapport take your construction business? Building relationships with your prospects and customers can set you apart from your competitors in today’s competitive landscape.

Using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform can help nurture relationships with existing and potential customers. What must-have features should every construction CRM have, though?

Here’s a list of features every construction CRM needs:

Let’s walk through each key feature below.

  1. Contact Management
  2. Pipeline Management
  3. Sales Automation
  4. Team Collaboration

1. Contact management

Contact management is an essential CRM feature that lets construction companies manage all details about their customers and prospects in a single repository.

The sales process in the construction industry is complex, so ensure you have an organized history of your engagement with your prospects and customers. A CRM’s contact management feature houses all the information your sales and customer service teams need.

Did a particular customer reach out to your sales team to inquire about another bid similar to the one you’ve had? Your sales rep must look for your customer’s name in your CRM to pull your transaction history. Because you know your customer well by keeping tabs on every interaction, you provide a satisfactory service.

Construction CRMs like Nutshell let you easily log communications from your desktop or phone. In addition, Nutshell minimizes manual data entry to increase your team’s efficiency and reduce the chances of errors.

You can scan business cards and upload the info found on them using your mobile phone. Syncing enables you to share new contacts with your colleagues.

2. Pipeline management

Pipeline management is one of the essential features every construction CRM needs. It helps you see the overall health of your pipeline. In addition, it enables you to manage your deals.

Do you have enough leads in your pipeline for your sales reps to nurture? Which deals are about to close and should be prioritized? Pipeline management helps you answer these questions.

Nutshell makes an excellent construction CRM because its flexible pipeline management feature lets your team members select the pipeline view that works for them. Your sales reps will appreciate the map view, which shows where your prospects or customers are so they can easily plan their site visits or meetings.

On the other hand, sales leaders and construction firm owners can make the most of the board view, an interactive way to manage your pipeline. You can drag and drop leads to the appropriate sales stages on the board.

sales pipeline crm agency

3. Sales automation

Because the construction customer’s journey is not linear, the sales process is as complicated. For this reason, sales automation is one of the key features of a construction CRM.

You can create automated workflows using CRMs like Nutshell to maximize your team’s efficiency. Automatically assign leads to your sales reps with reminders and guidance at different sales process stages.

Do your sales reps spend the whole day replying to inquiries and sending follow-up emails? Construction CRMs like Nutshell allow you to create email sequences that can be triggered automatically according to conditions you set. Have you been waiting for a customer’s payment after sending an invoice? Nutshell can send a personalized follow-up email to your client.

Team Collaboration

If you want to provide excellent customer service and successfully nurture your leads, you need to break down the barriers between the different teams within your construction firm. That’s why team collaboration is a construction CRM must-have feature.

Nutshell enables you to involve your colleagues in the conversation where they are needed. For example, an existing customer has an after-sales concern, but they contacted your sales rep. Because your communications are stored in Nutshell, your sales rep can tag your customer service team, which can address your customer’s concern.

Collaboration among your teams helps you deliver unparalleled service to your customers, helping you stand out among your competitors.

The all-in-one growth platform that has the features every construction CRM needs

To grow your construction company, you must nurture relationships with your customers and prospects. A construction CRM like Nutshell can help you build rapport with your audience and provide unrivaled service that will set you apart from competitors.

Nutshell has all the features every construction CRM needs. You can also count on Nutshell Support to respond to your questions in a snap—from the moment you sign up for a free trial to your first day as a customer. We want to ensure you make the most of your construction CRM to build relationships and grow your business.If you want to see how Nutshell can help your construction business, try it for free for 14 days!


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