Upgraded Lists Benefits and Uses: Filter, Find and Share

As many of you already know from the early feature access (a.k.a. beta) that has been available to all customers since the end of October, we’ve been busy working on a big upgrade to one of Nutshell’s most frequently used features, Lists. Well, we’re probably the only ones that call them Lists. You know them as Companies, People, and Leads.

Thanks to a ton of customer feedback, extensive testing (and fixing!) we’re pleased to announce that we’ve retired the old and upgraded all customers to the new Lists, today. ?Whether you’re trying to figure out which high-value leads your sales team hasn’t contacted recently, or whether you want to send a quick email out to your customers that have been working with your support team over the holidays, the new lists will save you time.

Better Sorting

Click on any column to sort. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date, name, value, or email — we’ll handle the rest. Click it again to reverse-sort, and look for the arrows to know which column you’re sorting by. ↑↓

Smarter Columns

We’ve introduced a brand new column picker that’s fast and easy to use. Select the columns that you want, uncheck the ones you don’t. Don’t feel like wading through your dozens of custom fields? Start typing and we’ll show you which columns match your phrase.

Once you’ve picked your favorites, you can sort columns by dragging-and-dropping them into place.

Advanced Filtering

One of the most powerful features in this upgrade is a brand new filtering engine and builder. You can now combine multiple filters to sift through the noise and get to the information you need. What opportunities can you close before the end of the year? Filter!

Save and Share

You can now bookmark any share any list of companies, people, or leads. Your filters, columns, placement, and sorting order will all be saved. Copy and paste the URL or Bookmark to share that exact view with any of your teammates. They’ll see exactly what you see. ⭐️

Select-All, Export and Email

Exporting has never been easier. Click the checkbox above the list you’re viewing to select every row — even the ones not displayed on the screen. You’ll then be able to export, email, edit, delete and perform any other bulk function on the entire list at once. ✔

Speedier (and no more paging)

Currently viewing page 1 of 15 — no more! Now all of your rows are on a single page. See if you can scroll faster than your information is pulled from Nutshell’s servers. ?


tl;dr? Here’s a visual recap of the new capabilities. See it in action: Check out the Nutshell User Hangout on YouTube recorded earlier today.

Want to join our next User Hangout? It’s on Thursday, January 7 at 1 PM Eastern.

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