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Introducing Nutshell Pro

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Today we’re announcing two new features that make life easier for sales managers and sales reps, funnel report and click-to-call.

These features are included as part of Nutshell Pro, a new product plan for teams that want to sell smarter.

Funnel report shows how well your sales process is working

Ever wonder how efficiently your leads are moving between sales stages? Are you curious where most of your leads get stuck in your sales process? Do you know if you need more leads or just higher quality leads?

The funnel report answers these questions through a visual—you guessed it!—funnel. You’ll be able to see the value and volume of leads by stage over any time period. You’ll also see how many leads progress to the next stage as well as how many leads closed as won, lost, or cancelled.

Call any phone number directly from your browser with click-to-call

Does your business rely on making phone calls to find, qualify, or close sales opportunities? Over the past few months, customers have taken advantage of Nutshell’s integrations with Skype, RingCentral, and Kixie to make it easier to initiate a phone call. Today, we’re excited to announce a major enhancement for sales teams that rely on making phone calls to do business.

With click-to-call you can call almost any phone number directly from your web browser—no phone needed! Just bring your laptop, an internet connection, and a USB headset if you have one. iPhone earbuds work great if you’re on a Mac.

Click any phone number in Nutshell and start dialing. Optionally record the call, add your own notes, and log the activity. Nutshell uses the Caller ID of whichever phone you specify (and prove you own). This makes it easy for folks to call you back.

Choose a plan that fits your business

Whether you are using a CRM for the first time or you’re an experienced sales team we have a product plan for your business. Nutshell includes everything you need to track sales and share customer information with you team. Get organized, sync and share your email and calendar, and integrate with productivity tools like MailChimp, Zendesk, UserVoice, and Wufoo.

Nutshell Pro is for teams that are ready to sell smarter. It includes everything in Starter and adds sales process automation, activity reporting, funnel reporting, and click-to-call. Pro helps you train your sales team by automatically assigning leads and tasks, and it can adjust lead confidence based on the lead stage and activities completed. You can even add leads to MailChimp marketing campaigns at any time during the sales process.


Today marks an important milestone for Nutshell. Some of our customers have been with us for over four years. We sincerely appreciate your support, which we’re investing back into the product to make Nutshell even better. Let us know what you think and stay tuned—2016 has only just begun!


Not a Nutshell customer? Try us free for 14 days!



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