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Episode #1: Sports Fields and Smart Hires With Joe Motz

Someone's Gotta Make It, with Joe Motz, founder of the Motz group

Being the smartest person in the room will only get you so far. To grow a successful business, you have to hire people who know more than you do and keep them fired up in their roles.

So how do you nail hiring and management when you’ve never, ever done it before?

The Motz Group Founder Joe Motz started his turf business out of a single pickup truck in 1977, and has since built up a resume that includes sports fields for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Atlanta Braves.

On the series premiere of Someone’s Gotta Make It, Joe discusses how his approach to hiring evolved as he gained experience as a leader, and why his company’s early “command and control” model of management needed to change in order for the business to survive.

Plus: What’s the biggest difference between a sports field and the grass in your backyard?


Read the episode transcript here.

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