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Who Needs a CRM? Why It’s the Right Move for Your Business

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What is a CRM system, anyway?

CRM—or customer relationship management—is a business software that helps teams organize and manage their relationships and interactions with current and potential customers.

In addition to storing your clients’ contact info, another one of the benefits of a CRM is that it can help you learn more about your customers through data analytics. Some CRMs also come equipped with sales automation capabilities.

The tools CRM software offers give businesses the opportunity to provide a high-quality customer experience before, during, and after purchases.

So, who needs a CRM system?

You may be wondering if your company needs a CRM. In all likelihood, the answer is yes. CRMs can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Years ago, CRM systems were really only available (and affordable) for large companies with a large customer base. Now, though, everyone from small businesses to large enterprises can use CRM to manage their customer relationships.

You might need a CRM if you…

Not sure if investing in a CRM is the right move for your business? We get it, it’s a big decision. When answering the question of who needs a CRM, think about some of the challenges you may face or want to overcome during your business’s day-to-day.

…Want to improve your customer service

CRM software consolidates and organizes customer data so it’s only a click away. The purpose of a CRM is to make it so you have fewer hoops to jump through to get the rundown on a customer or lead. This way, you can respond to people and deliver even more prompt customer service.

CRM also logs email conversations and phone calls so you have access to all information pertaining to a customer and the support services they previously needed. This way, you’ll know exactly who you’re working with and be able to deliver quality customer service every time.

…Need to polish your customer profile

With your customer data organized and in one place, you can also use your CRM to further refine your existing customer profile. Your customer profile, or the key trends and information about your ideal customer, is a valuable tool for attracting new leads to your business, so having easy access to it is a must.

Rather than having information about your customers in more than one place, all customer information, including your ideal customer profile, is centralized. Sifting through pages upon pages of notes will be a thing of the past.

Certain CRM software allows for the easy import of existing customer data, whether it’s from spreadsheets or a previous CRM. That way, you don’t have to start from scratch when you make the decision to adopt a new CRM.

Need help importing your data?

We want to make getting started with Nutshell as easy as possible, so we’ll import it for you!

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…Need help managing your leads

Attracting leads is no small feat, but neither is maintaining them. A good CRM can help you manage and keep up with your lead flow with little to no headaches.

A CRM can prioritize leads so you never miss a beat when it comes to following up with your customers. Manage your lead pipeline and track the actions of your potential leads with email integration that alerts you when someone opens an email, hits a link, or interacts with a call-to-action (CTA) button.

…Are curious about what your sales team is up to

The purpose of CRM is to manage customer data and how your team is interacting with those customers. That means you can keep track of what your sales team is doing to ensure you’re taking care of all your leads.

A CRM offers unparalleled transparency that gives you insight into the interactions between your sales team and your customers. You can see everything from chat conversations to email threads.

With an intelligent CRM, you’ll be able to keep track of department and company goals by identifying inefficiencies within your lead and sales pipeline. Use that data to identify what’s working for your sales, and make improvements when and where it’s needed so you can continue to be successful.

…Are tired of manually entering customer data for reports

As we mentioned earlier, when choosing a CRM for your business, you should ensure you choose one that allows for the easy upload of customer data.

Constantly entering that data manually is not just time-consuming (and annoyingly tedious), but it takes you away from more important tasks, like nurturing your leads and offering quality customer service.

Your CRM can produce detailed and up-to-date reports, so you don’t have to. Like all your individual customer data, these reports are easy to access and all in one place (because let’s be honest, no one enjoys going on a frantic database scavenger hunt for one specific report, which usually ends in frustration).

Think you need a CRM? Consider Nutshell

Nutshell’s CRM software offers easy-to-use reports for customer data and sales. Track your customer interactions, leads, and sales goals with ease through Nutshell’s intelligent CRM system.
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