8 Best Free Texting Apps To Send and Receive Texts Securely

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Nearly 70% of working professionals globally say they use messaging apps daily for work. Which free texting apps can you use to stay in touch with your colleagues and loved ones?

Keep reading to find the best free texting apps and learn how to choose the best texting app for you!

What makes an excellent free texting app?

Chances are you have more than one free texting app on your phone, and your most frequently used ones are the apps that other people you stay in touch with also use.

If you’re looking for a new texting app to add to your arsenal or to create a group for your team, here’s what to look for:

  • Device compatibility: Consider chat apps available on iOS, Android, and even desktop devices so you can log into multiple devices. In addition, it’s easier to convince your team or friends to download and use the app because it’s available on their mobile devices—whether they own an iPhone or Android device!
  • End-to-end encryption: The best texting apps have secure end-to-end encryption. Some chat apps have this enabled by default, while some will allow you to turn it on.
  • Multimedia support: Gone are the days of the 160-character texting limit. The best chat apps enable you to send and receive images, videos, voice notes, links, documents, and other multimedia formats.
  • Emoji support: You want to come across as friendly and natural when you send your texts. Emojis add a dash of emotion to your words, so a great texting app must let you use these icons. All the best free texting apps we included on the list have emojis. 
  • Group chat support: Most free texting apps enable users to create group chats. This handy feature keeps everyone on your team in the loop or lets you share photos with your loved ones.
  • Price: The best chat apps are free! Enticing your friends and team members to adopt a texting app is easy when it’s free to use.

The 8 best free texting apps

Without further ado, here are the best free chat apps you can download and use:

1. WhatsApp

Device compatibility: iOS and Android mobile devices, desktop app, and web browser

Key feature: Share your screen while you’re on a call

WhatsApp free texting app homepage

With over 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps. You can send messages in different formats and make voice or video calls with an individual or group of up to 1024 participants. You can even share your screen while you’re on the call.

This free texting app also has plenty of security features and privacy options. End-to-end encryption is available, ensuring that even WhatsApp can’t read your messages. Your chat backups are also encrypted, so they stay secure when you migrate from one mobile device to another.

You can password-protect your chats and choose which users can see whether you’re online. You can also set messages to disappear after 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days after you’ve sent them. Don’t want to receive calls from unknown callers? A privacy setting can silence calls from unknown numbers.

WhatsApp users can also create a Community and invite up to 2000 participants and administrators. It’s a handy feature for organizations and communities, enabling them to send announcements to everyone through the chat app. Only community admins can send messages to the community.

2. Viber

Device compatibility: iOS and Android mobile devices, and Windows and Mac desktop apps

Key feature: Viber Out is a paid feature that enables you to make a call to a non-Viber user

Viber texting app homepage

Viber is next on our list of best texting apps. This all-around chat app lets you send texts, images, videos, and files to individual users or a group chat of up to 250 participants.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t text, you can record and send a voice or video message instead. Sending sensitive information like bank details? Use disappearing messages so that the message will self-destruct.

Like WhatsApp, Viber lets you create channels and communities with unlimited participants. Members can send private messages to other members, but their phone numbers remain hidden.

End-to-end encryption is available in individual and group chats. Community and public group chats don’t have this feature, though, to let new members view the chat history.

If you need to make an international call to a non-Viber user, you can use Viber Out. Viber Out is a paid feature that enables you to use Viber to call anyone on landlines and mobile phone numbers.

3. Telegram

Device compatibility: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, and Mac devices

Key feature: Setting a public username enables other users to find and message you

Telegram texting app homepage

Telegram is one of the best free text apps you can use across multiple devices. Use it to send text, photo, video, and file messages to individual users or group chats.

You can send encrypted messages through the Secret Chats feature. Secret Chats aren’t stored in the cloud.

Like most of the best chat apps, Telegram enables you to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls. If you need several participants in a call, start a Voice Chat in the group. 

Set a public username on Telegram to let other users find and send you a message even without your mobile number.

Want more from your app? Telegram Premium is an optional paid subscription with features like 4GB file uploads, faster download speed, and voice-to-text conversion.

4. Messenger

Device compatibility: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, and Mac devices

Key feature: Built-in camera with filters

Messenger texting app homepage

Messenger is another texting app that enables you to send text, photo, video, and file messages to other Messenger users. You can even take photos with filters using the app’s camera and send them to an individual or a group.

This Meta-owned chat app doesn’t require a Facebook account. You can sign up with a mobile phone number and text anyone with the app.

Messaging is not end-to-end encrypted by default. You can enable it on a conversation by clicking the contact and “Go to secret conversation.”

5. Signal

Device compatibility: iOS, Android, and Windows devices

Key feature: Clean, ad-free design

Signal texting app homepage

Signal is a free chat app that enables you to send end-to-end encrypted text, photo, voice, video, and document messages to a user or a group chat. Like most of the best free texting apps, Signal lets you make voice and video calls with other users. 

Group chats on Signal can have up to 1000 participants. Because it’s available on iOS and Android devices, you can create a group chat with family and friends regardless of their device.

6. TextPlus

Device compatibility: iOS, iPadOS, and Android

Key feature: Lets you choose your area code and phone number

TextPlus texting app homepage

TextPlus is a free texting app that uses Wi-Fi to send messages for free to anyone in the U.S. and Canada. It lets you choose your area code and change your phone number (as long as the number is still available).

This free chat app lets you send SMS, MMS, and group messages to non-TextPlus users. While you can only send messages in the U.S. and Canada, you can call anyone in the world for two cents per minute!

7. Chomp SMS

Device compatibility: Android

Key feature: Sending scheduled SMS messages

Chomp SMS texting app homepage

Chomp SMS is a free chat app available on Android devices. It lets you send scheduled SMS messages, so you won’t miss sending a birthday greeting. It also enables you to stop a text from being sent. Choose from Chomp’s themes to spice up how your chat app looks!

8. TextFree

Device compatibility: iOS, Android, and Web-based

Key feature: Unlimited text and calls

TextFree texting app homepage

TextFree is an ad-supported, free texting app that lets you choose a phone number and area code. You get unlimited calls and text with your account.

Signing up is a breeze. Download the app on your mobile device, or sign up using a web browser. You can sign up using an email, but verifying requires an existing phone number.

FAQs about the best free chat apps

Now that you know the best free text apps you can download for secure texting with colleagues and friends, let’s answer your questions about these tools:

Which texting apps are free?

All the texting apps we mentioned are free to use and download. Viber and Telegram have paid subscription offers, which are optional. 

What free apps let you text without phone service?

Messenger is a free texting app that lets you text without a phone number. Instead, you can sign up by creating a Facebook account with an email address.

Which free texting app is the best?

The best free texting app is one that your family, friends, and colleagues use. In other words, the best chat app will reach your intended recipient (because they also have the app) and elicit replies from them.

You may need multiple messaging apps as different people have different chat app preferences.

Use the best texting apps to stay in touch with your audience

In addition to keeping up with friends, family, and colleagues, the best texting apps let you stay in touch with your audience and nurture your relationship with them. Some tools on our list let you create communities of followers and customers so you can send them special offers, updates about new products, and even holiday greetings.

With free text apps, you can nurture your relationships with your contacts, improving customer retention. Customer relationship management platforms (CRMs) like Nutshell can further assist you in cultivating better relationships with your prospects and customers.

Try Nutshell free for 14 days or contact our team to get more information on how you can use Nutshell to improve your customer retention and communications!


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