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Nine Must-Have CRM Integrations to Optimize Your Business

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Chances are, you don’t spend much time thinking about software integrations.

You might take it for granted that your smartphone’s calendar integrates with all your other electronic devices and your email accounts, but how about integration when it comes to your business? Are your email conversations synced with your CRM? How about your calendar and website?

Integration among devices and software tools makes life easier. Take your work calendar, for example: If you haven’t integrated your CRM, you’re juggling multiple calendars from work/personal accounts…or relying on the dreaded paper calendar.

With CRM integrations for your email and calendar programs, you’ll have a much smaller chance of double-booking client meetings, or scheduling a beach getaway during the same week as your company’s offsite training event.

How CRM integrations strengthen your business

Imagine your client interactions as a wheel. In the center of the wheel, there’s the hub. Let’s call this hub customer relationship management. Each external application you integrate is a spoke, pointing to the central hub, delivering supportive information and strengthening the wheel.

One spoke might be email marketing. Other spokes might be website lead forms and team communication. The more spokes you have, the greater the structural integrity of your wheel.

Here’s how your business benefits from integrating more spokes into your CRM wheel:

  • Establish a source of truth: Each integration connects powerful data-rich platforms to your CRM, so you can have all your customer information in one place.
  • Eliminate internal silos: CRM integrations remove information silos that can exist between platforms and company departments, as each member of your team can access the information in your CRM.
  • Shape customer personas: Information accessed through integrations makes it easier to refine a buyer persona. You’ll be more effective in creating content that reaches your target audience and delivering a product that not only appeals to current customers but also draws in new customers with a focused brand message.
  • Keep up on details: Information accessed and organized through your CRM keeps you on top of customer details and new changes to your leads, including previous interactions and where each customer falls in the sales pipeline.
  • Know when to act: Integration creates a more accurate picture of customer habits, tipping you off to the right time to engage customers with your product or service.

Which CRM has the features you need?

Our interactive worksheet compares the benefits offered by Nutshell, your existing contact management solution, and any other CRMs you’re currently evaluating.


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Which CRM integrations are essential for your business?

Your CRM needs to operate effectively both within your business and between your business and your customers. Here are a few of Nutshell’s best and brightest integration partners:

  • Email platforms: Integrate your Gmail or Outlook account so you can send work emails directly from your CRM, and keep crucial customer information at your fingertips no matter where you work.
  • Calendar: Sync your schedule and stay on top of commitments within your business by receiving scheduled prompts from your Gmail or Outlook calendars.
  • Marketing automation: Reach the right inbox at the right time with the right message. To make this happen, keep track of customer demographics and buying habits, all accessible and organized through direct marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Hubspot.
  • Contracts and proposals: Track, negotiate, and eSign contracts with a PandaDoc integration, or quickly migrate your Quickbooks Online contacts to Nutshell and start automatically triggering bills and invoices.
  • Web forms and chatbots: Automatically create leads in Nutshell from Wufoo and Gravity, and let our Intercom integration turns website visitors into leads without lifting a finger.
  • Customer Support: Make yourself available to customers. Keep in touch through online chat platforms like Olark, or for a more comprehensive customer support platform, use Zendesk.
  • Team communication: Use our killer Slack integration to set up automatic alerts on your new leads, pipeline progress, and wins.
  • Phone dialing: Track and log details of phone calls within your CRM with Kixie, or integrate cloud communication with RingCentral to easily search caller ID on incoming calls.
  • Social CRM: Want to really know your customer? Get on social media. Link your CRM to Twitter to access social profiles and meaningfully engage customers.

Find out more…

Visit Nutshell’s integrations page to browse through our native and third-party CRM integrations. Got any recommendations for what we should build next? Are we missing something? Let us know. We’re always up for suggestions on how we can make your business stronger.


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