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Nutshell 2023 Spring Product Roadmap

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Here at Nutshell, we launched into the new year by announcing several exciting features. You can now use Nutshell Forms to gather all the information you need from your leads right from your website and learn more about your website visitors with Nutshell Analytics

Our product development team is hard at work bringing even more improvements to you, our customers, that will help you gain valuable insight into your processes and data so you can drive greater growth for your business. And now we’re ready to share several new product updates taking off this spring. 

So what updates can you expect from Nutshell in the coming months? Take a look at our 2023 Spring Product Roadmap: 

Emails on lead timelines

When multiple leads are open with one person, keeping your communication organized can be challenging. Our new emails on lead timelines feature lets you assign leads a unique BCC email address to ensure that emails are attached to the right lead timeline. The Related Leads feature allows you to associate emails in the timeline with specific leads. Finally, Nutshell will find any open leads related to the email address(es) of your recipients when you’re emailing from Nutshell and auto-fill a related leads section with those leads. Our emails on lead timelines features will be available to all Nutshell customers. 

Company Enrichment 

Successful companies work hard to understand their customers so they can tailor their marketing and sales strategies and strengthen connections. With Nutshell’s Company Enrichment, you’ll gain access to enriched firmographic data you can leverage to reach your target audience like never before. 

Similar to Nutshell’s People Enrichment, Company Enrichment will use proprietary IP address intelligence to provide you with comprehensive insight about your current customers and new leads coming into your pipeline, enabling you to plan a more personalized sales pitch and increase your sales success. The data you’ll be able to see with Company Enrichment includes:

  • Company name 
  • Industry 
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenue 
  • Email 
  • Phone 
  • Address 
  • Website 

Mobile app updates and releases 

Besides adding new features for our customers, we’re also updating both our iOS and Android mobile apps. We’re taking a hard look at in-app usability and customer experience to solve some bugs and make it easier than ever to use Nutshell in-app. We’ll share with you when those updates and releases are ready for the world!


Scheduler is a new integration we’ll be rolling out that will let customers who purchase RevenueBooster automatically send meeting invitations to prospects right from Nutshell. Invitations can include embeddable and shareable Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams links so you can meet up wherever your company and contacts work best. Scheduler works directly with the activity types you create and activities you log in Nutshell. You’ll also be able to capture additional information from contacts using Nutshell Forms within Scheduler. 

Gmail power-up

We’re also giving our Chrome extension for Gmail a boost. Nutshell customers will be able to use Nutshell email templates from inside the Gmail compose view to streamline their email communications and cut down on retyping. You’ll be able to track and receive notifications about the opens and clicks on the emails you send from Gmail. We’re also working to give our Chrome extension and timeline view a fresh look for a smoother experience. 

SQL read-only access 

We understand that some of our customers have advanced data access needs. To that end, Nutshell Enterprise customers will soon be able to access a read-only replica of their MySQL data. Having access to this database will give customers who need it greater insight into their data. 

Audit trail 

The Nutshell support team uses an internal changelog view of companies, people, and leads to troubleshoot issues when they arise. This changelog is intended as a development tool, but new updates will improve the interface and make it more user-friendly — both for our team and yours. Nutshell Enterprise customers will soon be able to access this advanced audit trail and use it internally. 

Create-new modal improvements 

When an admin or sales representative creates a new person, company, or lead in Nutshell, they can fill in several fields of information like name, email address, and more. Our upcoming ‘create-new’ modal improvements will allow account admins to change the fields that populate and make specific fields required. You’ll have more control over what information your team gathers about your customers and leads so you can make better connections. 

Introducing: Nutshell Enterprise and RevenueBooster 

And now for two of the most exciting announcements of our Spring Product Roadmap. As you’ve likely noticed throughout the sections above, we are in the process of introducing an additional tier and a new add-on for Nutshell customers. Nutshell Enterprise will be our new highest CRM tier, providing customers with several of our newest features, such as Scheduler, MySQL read-only access, and audit trail. RevenueBooster is an add-on that will be available to all Nutshell customers on any tier. With RevenueBooster, you’ll gain access to increased tiers of Scheduler, VisitorIQ, Forms, and more. 

Keep an eye out for more updates about Nutshell Enterprise and RevenueBooster to learn how these additions can enhance your CRM experience!

We’re excited about what’s to come! 

As we continue rolling out new product updates, add-ons, and tiers this year and beyond, our priority is always to provide our customers with the features they need to continue meeting their goals. Have any questions for our team? Reach out and let us know what you’re thinking. Stay tuned for more details on these features as they launch this spring, and happy Nutshelling!

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