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What Is Revenue Intelligence? An All-Encompassing Guide

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As artificial intelligence (AI) takes a more prevalent role in today’s world, you’ll find more opportunities to integrate this technology into your business strategy. For example, AI is revolutionizing sales and helping sales teams kick their efficiency up a notch. Revenue intelligence is one way you can use AI to help improve your business’s growth.

On this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know about revenue intelligence, including:

Keep reading to learn more about how you can use AI to improve your business’s bottom line!

What is revenue intelligence?

Revenue intelligence involves using AI technology to analyze sales, product, and customer data to find new trends and areas where you can improve your revenue. Revenue intelligence enables you to harness the power of AI to find new revenue streams.

So, how does this work?

An AI tool will analyze all your data points to uncover patterns and provide insights. For example, your AI tool could analyze your data and find a new demographic to target, or it may find that one of your products sells the best during the holidays. 

Now that you know this information, you can adjust your strategy to help improve your revenue opportunities. So, you might boost advertising for your product that’s popular during the holidays.

Why use revenue intelligence?

A revenue intelligence solution is an excellent way to improve your business’s growth. Here are some reasons you’ll want to incorporate it into your business strategy:

1. You discover things you might miss

One of the most difficult tasks in analyzing your performance is figuring out where things go wrong. If you missed out on a sale or revenue, you try to find the error so that you can improve for the future.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to discern what caused you to lose a sale, which can be frustrating. With revenue intelligence, you can ease some of that frustration.

Revenue intelligence solutions can analyze customer, sales, and marketing data to uncover insights and help you see areas where you may have fallen short with a lead. This tool helps you find insights you may miss, so that you can improve your company’s revenue. 

2. You identify new sales opportunities

Having a revenue intelligence solution helps you find new sales opportunities for your team. Closing new sales can be a difficult task if you aren’t sure where to look or what would be a viable option for your business.

AI technology can analyze crucial sales data, like targeting parameters, buying signals, and forecasting, to identify new sales opportunities. Revenue intelligence systems can analyze more data faster, allowing your sales team to gain insight sooner.

As a result, your sales team can identify these new sales opportunities and start pursuing them faster.

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3. It eliminates siloed data

One of the biggest problems businesses run into is siloed data. Data silos are when data gets limited to one area (a silo). 

For example, say your marketing team and sales team both work with sales and customer data, but often use separate tools or store the information is separately. That means your sales team doesn’t know what data your marketing team has, and vice versa –– they’re in individual silos.

These teams both collect valuable data that should be shared. A revenue intelligence system solves this problem by consolidating all your data into one place.

That means all your team members are on the same page working with the same data. It enables your teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

4. It enables for better sales forecasting

Sales forecasting is a crucial part of growing your business that involves using your current data to predict sales and revenue for your business. It’s a time-consuming task, though, to sift through all the data to create your insights.

With a revenue intelligence system, your software can do the sales forecasting for you. It can gather all the valuable data you have, analyze it, and help you make predictions for future sales. By using this advanced AI technology, you’ll get more refined insights that can help you see better results with your sales forecasting.

3 revenue intelligence platforms 

Now that you know the value of revenue intelligence, you’re ready to start improving your revenue. But what tool do you use to do it?

Here are three revenue intelligence platforms you can use to spark your business’s growth:

1. MarketingCloudFX

If you’re looking for revenue marketing technology that helps boost your sales, MarketingCloudFX is the solution for you. This revenue intelligence system is powered by IBM Watson and can analyze millions of data points to provide you with insight into how you can improve your marketing to drive sales.

MarketingCloudFX seamlessly integrates with dozens of popular data platforms to create an all-in-one data powerhouse. This marketing platform will help you automate campaigns, manage customer data, and close more sales.

2. Clari

Another revenue intelligence solution you can use is Clari. Clari enables you to take control of your revenue, so you can drive better results for your business.

Clari helps you analyze data to create sales forecasts, make lead predictions, and create a more engaging sales process. It’s a great tool to use to improve your sales process and boost your business’s revenue.

3. Revenue Grid

One of the top revenue intelligence platforms you can use is Revenue Grid. This platform takes your revenue data and generate more sales that help you grow your business.

Revenue Grid can help you do everything from increasing productivity to boosting sales engagement to capturing data. This software will help you stop revenue intelligence leaks, so you can use your data to get your desired results.

Need help with revenue intelligence?

Having a revenue intelligence system for your business will help you use your data to make smarter business decisions, so you can earn more leads, close sales, and boost revenue. If you need help harnessing the power of AI to improve your revenue production, look no further than our partners at WebFX.

WebFX has driven over $3 billion in revenue for our clients in the past five years alone. With their revenue intelligence software, they can help you boost your business’ revenue and grow your bottom line.

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