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Nutshell 2023 Summer Product Roadmap

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It’s been a busy year for product updates here at Nutshell! We’ve launched a new product tier, new features in our platform, updates to our mobile apps, and more. Take a quick stroll down memory lane to look back at everything we rolled out this spring:

And now our team is hard at work to bring you even more new features and improve the core functions of our CRM. This summer will see the launch of several top updates that you, our customers, have been requesting, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them to you!

(P.S. We’re especially excited to share a sneak peak of a new tier that brings you the power of AI. 👀)

Without further ado, here’s what’s lined up on our summer product roadmap: 

Introducing: Nutshell’s Power AI

One of the most exciting things we’re getting ready to launch is a new product tier for those who want to harness the potential of AI to improve their sales processes. It’s called Power AI, and it will include AI-charged features that give your business better intelligence and streamline workflows to put more time back in your day.

Here’s what’s included in the Power AI tier: 

Power AI: Timeline Summarization

Your person, company, and lead timelines are an invaluable resource for your sales and marketing teams, providing a historical record of every interaction you’ve had with a contact. But depending on how long your company has had a relationship with a particular contact, you could have years of data built up, which can be difficult to search through or use to bring new team members up to speed on the account. 

Nutshell is utilizing AI to bring you Timeline Summarization, a feature that will summarize people, company, and lead timelines on demand. Instead of scrolling through years of logged activities and communications, you can summarize a timeline to receive a rundown of your relationship with a contact. You’ll be able to see information like: 

  • How long a person has been a customer
  • Who they’ve interacted with most on your team
  • What they tend to discuss in communications 
  • What products or offers they may be interested in
  • And more

Power AI: Zoom Transcription Summarization

The second feature that will be included in Power AI is summarization of Zoom meeting transcriptions.

As long as you have transcriptions enabled in your Zoom account, Zoom transcriptions will be available in Nutshell. Nutshell will connect with Zoom to allow you to log recently completed Zoom meetings as Nutshell activities and attach them to your other calendar-synced activities to keep your team’s work organized. 

With Zoom transcription summarization through Power AI, you’ll automatically get access to meeting recordings and summarized  Zoom transcriptions after you log the activity. This feature will help your team keep track of conversations with your prospects. 


Want to schedule and manage appointments with clients or potential customers from inside Nutshell? Introducing Scheduler, an integration that will help you simplify scheduling. Whether you need to plan for a team meeting, demo session, or any other type of appointment, Scheduler lets you collect bookings with a link you email to your prospects or with a form embedded on your site.

You’ll be able to embed and share your links to Scheduler bookings and have the capability to create a Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams link to include in the invitation. Scheduler uses your existing Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar sync to know your availability. You’ll also be able to link a Nutshell Form in the appointment invitation, helping you learn more about your prospect before your meeting. 

(And if you’re thinking all this sounds familiar, you’re right: Scheduler was on our 2023 Spring Product Roadmap, making it one of our first priorities for this summer!)

Scheduler will be available as part of Revenue Booster, our upcoming add-on that will give your business even more muscle in your CRM. Customers on every Nutshell plan can add Revenue Booster to their account to take advantage of Scheduler and more upcoming features! 

Google Chrome Extension Enhancements

The second feature making its debut in our Revenue Booster add-on will be enhancements to our Google Chrome extension – it’s about to get a lot more powerful!

The enhancements will allow you to use your created Nutshell email templates from within the Gmail compose view, making it easier to send the emails you want from wherever you work. You’ll also be able to track opens and clicks on the emails you’ve sent from within Gmail, as well as receive notifications about those opens and clicks.

Role-Based Permissions 

This update is for any company administrator who has wished they could more precisely define the permissions they give their team members. Nutshell is expanding our role-based permissions to be even more customizable. You’ll be able to define multiple roles within your organization and set more granular access permissions for each one, giving you more control over what your team can do in Nutshell.

The number of roles you can create will depend on your Nutshell plan.

VisitorIQ Enhancements

One of the new features we rolled out this spring was VisitorIQ, a prospecting tool that allows you to identify and track the companies visiting your website. The most exciting update we’re bringing to VisitorIQ is the ability to gain more insight into the actual people visiting your site, so you can see information like their job title.

In addition, we’re making it easier for you to bulk unlock companies from the list view, and our product team is fixing some data integrity issues so you can be confident that the numbers you see in VisitorIQ are accurate.

Email Template Organization 

Email automation is one of Nutshell’s most powerful features, allowing you to create and schedule personal emails to reach leads with the perfect message. Right now, personal email templates are stored in a single list. Companies with a few months of created and shared templates can have hundreds of templates and no easy way to sort through them. 

That’s why we’re bringing massive updates to our email template organization. You’ll be able to organize templates into logical folders and search through those folders to find just the template you’re looking for. 

And most importantly, your team will be able to generate reports on your email template folders. This new organization power helps you answer questions like, “How many demo request emails did we send last month?”

Activity Report Enhancements

Your activity report measures what your team’s been up to and how they’re meeting their goals. With upcoming activity report improvements, you can dive even deeper into your team’s work regarding emails and email templates. 

We’ll divide the current Emails column in the activity report into automated emails vs. individualized emails, then create additional columns based on email template folders to help you track the types of emails team members are sending. You’ll be able to drill down into exactly what kinds of communications are going out from your company to better measure team productivity.

Updates to Our Zapier Integration

Nutshell’s integration with Zapier enables customers to integrate their CRM with thousands of other business tools to add new companies, people, and leads from other software. You’ve been asking for the ability to also update these records via Zapier, and we’re listening! 

We’re rolling out updates to our Zapier integration that will let your team update company, people, and lead records in Nutshell from your Zapier-integrated apps, saving you time by preventing duplicates and streamlining your workflow.  

Customizable Add New and Required Fields

Our product team is also bringing two updates to the “Add New” flow that appears when you create a new person, company, or lead in Nutshell. The first update will enhance the customizability of the fields that show up in the flow. 

Admins will be able to configure which fields their team members see when creating a new person, company, or lead and reorder them to suit their preferences. You’ll also be able to make certain fields required, so your team is sure to fill in that information when adding a new contact. 

Duplicate Detection in the Add New Flow

The second in our lineup of improvements to the “Add New” flow is duplicate detection. When you create a new person or company, any duplicates will pop up—but if you want to know whether it’s really a duplicate, you have to click on each one and manually verify.

With duplicate detection, that issue will be a thing of the past. Nutshell will automatically detect a potential duplicate based on both name and email address and prompt team members to verify during the creation process. This update will help you prevent duplicate data in your Nutshell account and keep your team focused on the right contacts. 

Stay Tuned for What’s to Come! 

Many of the improvements and features coming this summer were suggested by our customers. We’re always grateful for feedback and strive to keep providing you with the capabilities you need to meet and exceed your goals. We can’t wait for the rollouts and launches ahead!

To take a look at our other recent product updates, head to our product updates page. And if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! 

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