6 benefits of CRMs for construction firms

Just like building homes, building relationships with your customers requires tools to get the job done. Enter customer relationship management (CRM) software, a type of platform that can help you nurture your relationships with prospects and improve their experience with your business.

A pleasant customer experience is an important purchasing decision among 73% of customers, so providing a consistent frictionless engagement can increase your construction firm’s sales and revenue.

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Want to know the other benefits of CRMs for construction firms and builders? Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  2. Manage leads
  3. Analyze and forecast sales
  4. Optimize your sales process
  5. Nurture existing customers
  6. Easily provide ongoing support

1. CRM software for construction automates manual and repetitive tasks

Do your sales and marketing teams can get swamped with manual data entry and repetitive tasks? You can ease up their workload by using a CRM software for construction firms.

One of the benefits of CRMs for construction firms is automation. Sales automation features found in most CRMs can perform these tasks:

  • Lead and customer data entry: If you’re running lead generation campaigns in different marketing channels, downloading lead data and collating them in one spreadsheet can eat up your team’s time. It can also slow down the lead response time of your sales team. Automate this task with a CRM for construction firms.
  • Assigning leads to sales reps: Does your sales leader have to manually assign prospects to each sales rep? Let your sales managers work on the more important strategic tasks while a CRM software for contractors takes care of assigning leads.
  • Sending thank-you or acknowledgment emails: If a prospect fills out a form on your website to request for a quote or an initial meeting with your firm, let them know that you’ve received their inquiry by sending out an acknowledgment email. You can automate this step in your sales process using a CRM for contractors like Nutshell.

2. CRM software for contractors helps you manage your leads

As a construction business, you get leads offline and online. Perhaps an existing client gave you their referral’s business card. Or maybe someone reached out to your small construction business via your social media page.

To efficiently nurture your leads and provide a personalized experience for each one, you need a centralized repository of lead and customer data. A CRM for contractors can help you organize your lead data in one secure location. Nutshell even has a business card scanner feature, so you don’t have to manually input your new prospect’s details.

Do you collect leads from your website? CRMs can help you create forms that you can embed on your website, and the leads that you generate via these forms are automatically saved to your CRM software.

3. CRM for construction helps you analyze sales data and forecast your sales

Analytics is one of the reasons a CRM is important for contractors. Put your wealth of lead and customer data to good use by analyzing it. Which marketing channels attracted the most number of qualified leads? Which marketing messages resonated well with your different buyer personas?

Understanding your customers enables you to serve them better and increase customer satisfaction. It also helps you improve your marketing campaigns because you know their pain points.

The best CRMs for small construction businesses let you generate customizable reports so you can track key performance indicators (KPIs). CRM reports also help you identify trends in your sales and prospecting efforts. These reports also help you with sales forecasting.

4. The best CRMs for construction firms help you optimize your sales process

A construction customer’s journey is a long, twisty road. By regularly analyzing your sales data in your CRM, you can refine your sales strategies and optimize your sales process.

A CRM for construction firms like Nutshell also lets you establish and automate lead scoring so your sales reps know which leads to prioritize. Nutshell, for one, has even simplified lead scoring by using lead confidence. As a result, your construction business enjoys increased close rates.

Is one of your customers hiring you again for another building project and asking for a copy of your previous contract? You can upload important documents related to each customer to your CRM, so you can check them when needed. You can even add billing details and schedules, so sending an invoice can be automated, too.

5. Nurture existing customer relationships with a CRM software for contractors

Cultivating relationships in the construction industry is important, as your customers tend to remain loyal to businesses that have delivered satisfactory service. That said, it’s important for contractors to stay in touch with their current customers so they don’t jump ship. It also shows them that you care about them even after your transaction.

CRMs for contractors are excellent tools for post-sale nurturing with your customers. Automatically send out an email after the successful turnover of the project to touch base with a client.

Fostering trust among prospects is equally important. Sync your CRM with your calendar app so you won’t miss a scheduled site visit or sales call.

6. Provide excellent after-sales support to your existing customers with a CRM software for builders

After-sales support is a crucial part of your customer service. Do customers need further help from your team? A quick look at your customer’s records in your CRM can give your team a background on the services you provided them and how best to handle their current concerns.

A CRM can also reduce the time it takes for your team to respond to your customers, thus improving their customer experience. And we know that a satisfied customer is likely to stay loyal to your construction business and recommend you.

Grow your business with a CRM for construction firms like Nutshell

Now that you know the benefits of CRM for construction firms and builders, it’s time to take action and invest in a tool that can help you streamline your sales process and grow your business.Nutshell is a user-friendly, all-in-one CRM for contractors, offering all the features you need to nurture your relationships with prospects and customers. Try Nutshell for free for 14 days to see if it’s the right CRM for your construction business!


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