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The Best Software for IT Companies: Build an Effective Tech Stack

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As an IT company, you know the importance of software and the necessity of having the right tools at your side to keep a business, project, or device running smoothly. 

That’s where a technology stack, or tech stack for short, comes in. It’s a collection of software for IT companies that covers all the major areas of running your company efficiently. 

So, what should you include in your tech stack to set your business up for success? Keep reading to find out!

What is an IT company tech stack?

An IT company tech stack is a group of tools and software that, when brought together, equip you with everything you need to run and grow your business. Your tech stack can include marketing tools, sales platforms, analytics and data software, employee management tools, and more. 

Why should you build a tech stack for your IT business?

Every business needs some kind of tech stack to run efficiently, even IT companies like yours. An IT company tech stack is your key to unlocking more revenue and growth for your business. 

Your tech stack gives you everything you need to run your business right from the get-go. Instead of jumping into a new task and frantically trying to find a tool that can help, a tech stack ensures you already have the best tool in your back pocket, saving you tons of time and effort.

Building a tech stack with the best IT company software is the best way to help you stay ahead of competitors, implement smart marketing campaigns and strategies, and run your business smoothly. 

6 types of software for IT companies to add to your tech stack

Ready to start building an effective tech stack for your IT company? We’ve got you covered. 

Here are some of the most essential types of software for IT companies: 

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  2. Data management and analytics software
  3. Project management software
  4. Employee tracking and management software
  5. Support ticket software
  6. Communication software

1. Customer relationship management (CRM) software

One of the most important tools for an IT company to have is a CRM. A CRM is a tool that helps you manage relationships with leads and customers and keep all of their information and interactions with your company in one place. 

CRM software for IT companies

Essentially, it helps you collect, store, and analyze information about your customers and leads. For example, you can: 

  • Track every lead as they enter and move through your pipeline
  • Easily store and access contact information for your leads and customers
  • Analyze lead interactions to see which campaigns generate and convert the most leads
  • Use data to personalize customer and lead experiences

A CRM is essential for learning more about your audience and customers. The more you know about your audience, the better you can implement effective sales processes and marketing strategies that attract more customers. 

Some popular CRM platforms include: 

2. Data management and analytics software

Every business needs data to improve and grow. For example, you can use data to implement more effective marketing strategies and improve your website. 

That’s why every IT company should have data management and analytics software in their tech stack. 

Data management and analytics software can help you analyze important metrics about your website like traffic and engagement, monitor the sources of your leads, understand how your leads and customers interact with your company, and much more. 

MarketingCloudFX—data analytics software for IT companies

With the right data-tracking tools, you can better understand the performance of your processes and strategies and gain insights into how to improve them to drive better results. 

Some popular data management and analytics software options include: 

3. Project management software

Another essential IT company software option is a project management platform. This tool is super handy for helping you track ongoing projects and assignments. 

Trello homepage project management software for IT companies

Many project management platforms allow you to assign tasks to team members, collaborate on projects, set due dates, and track a project from beginning to end. 

A few examples of project management software are: 

4. Employee tracking and management software

Next on our list of the best types of software for IT companies is employee tracking and management platforms. 

These tools enable you to track when your team members are working and what they are working on. You can also use this software to pay your employees and track how long team members spend on certain projects.

Hubstaff homepage employee tracking software for IT companies

Popular employee tracking and management tools include: 

5. Support ticket software

Support ticket software is another tool you’ll want to have in your tech stack. Any IT company needs to allow their customers to submit tickets when something goes wrong or they need help.

Zendesk homepage - support ticket software for IT companies

Support ticket software enables you to create custom support tickets to record the information you need and also allow your customers to fully explain their issue so you can provide them with the best support possible. 

Some popular support ticket software options include: 

6. Communication and collaboration software

Like the name suggests, communication and collaboration software helps your team effectively communicate with one another and work together on tasks. 

Slack homepage communication software for IT companies

This software is really handy if your team works in different offices or locations. This type of tool makes it easy for your team to get in touch with someone when they have a question or need support with a task. 

A few of the best communication and collaboration tools include: 

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