Introducing Revenue Booster, Our New Add-On for Getting the Most Out of Your CRM

We’re excited to introduce Revenue Booster, Nutshell’s new add-on for increasing your team’s efficiency, flexibility, and revenue. Launching with two exciting new features, Revenue Booster is built for teams who want to get more from their workflows and take their CRM to the next level. 

And at just $37 total for your entire company, Revenue Booster is just as accessible to teams of three as to teams of 30. See what features Revenue Booster brings to the table: 

Simplify appointment bookings with Scheduler

Most sales and marketing teams use scheduling software to manage their meetings. Scheduler, our recently released online meeting scheduling software, lets your team easily book and manage appointments from within Nutshell.

With Scheduler, you can dump the extra scheduling software integration and monthly bill in favor of a tool that works natively with your scheduled activities and activity types in Nutshell. Plus, you can add Nutshell Forms to your booking and collect information about prospects before you meet with them.  

Scheduler is compatible with Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams, so you can schedule meetings wherever works best for your team and your prospects.

Send Nutshell email templates from your inbox

Along with Scheduler, a Revenue Booster plan also gets your company access to Email Booster. With Email Booster, you can use templated emails you’ve created in Nutshell right from your Gmail or Office 365 email inbox. 

You can also track top metrics, like opens and clicks, of emails you send using Email Booster. You’ll stay on top of your email impact and make it easier to send perfectly designed and worded emails from wherever you work.  

Try Revenue Booster today

With Revenue Booster, your team will be able to schedule appointments and save meeting data in Nutshell with ease, plus send templated Nutshell emails directly from their Gmail or Office 365 inbox, saving you time and streamlining the way you work.

Other online scheduling software typically costs $10 to $16 per user per month, but Revenue Booster gives your entire team access to Scheduler and Email Booster for only $37 per month. And if you take advantage of our launch promo, you can get these features for even less! Head to your account billing page to learn more.

Try Revenue Booster for yourself and see how it can supercharge your CRM!

Til je CRM naar een hoger niveau met Revenue Booster

  • Nutshelleigen planningssoftware, Scheduler
  • Verstuur je gepersonaliseerde e-mailsequenties rechtstreeks vanuit je inbox met onze Email Booster
  • $37/maand voor uw hele bedrijf (niet per stoel)
  • Profiteer van onze lanceringspromo (zie de in-app factureringspagina)

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