Nutshell Q4 2023 Product Roadmap

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Here at Nutshell, we’ve been keeping busy with adding new features and improving existing ones for our customers, and we plan to continue that trend throughout the rest of this year.

In the third quarter of this year, we introduced a range of new and improved features, including:

If you haven’t checked out these new features yet, we highly recommend taking a look!

So, what do we have planned for between now and when 2024 rolls around? Here’s a look at the updates we’ll be working on in Q4.

Updates to VisitorIQ

Earlier this year, we introduced VisitorIQ—a prospecting tool within Nutshell that lets you track and identify your website visitors so you can proactively reach out to them—and we appreciate all the great feedback we’ve gotten about it so far.

To make VisitorIQ even more useful for you, we just released some updates!

With this update, in addition to tracking the companies that visit your website, you can now identify specific people who work at that company. Rather than using credits to unlock company information, you can now use them to access individuals’ contact information and add people, companies, and leads to Nutshell right from VisitorIQ.

The new VisitorIQ features also make it easy to find the people and companies that matter most to you. You can filter your results based on industry and individuals’ management level, job field, and contact details.

For example, you can just see people in a sales director role if that description matches your ideal customer profile.

VisitorIQ filter settings page

Scheduler updates

We’re also rolling out updates for Scheduler, the built-in meeting scheduler tool we released in August.

With these updates, we’re introducing the ability to create meetings with multiple hosts. Scheduler will check the availability of all co-hosts and only allow bookings when everyone is available. That means you can easily book meetings that require multiple team members, such as vital onboarding calls.

And there’s more great news! We’re also integrating Scheduler with Google Meet so that you can schedule meetings on Google Meet directly from Nutshell.

Create meeting dialog in Scheduler with solo and co-hosted options

Email template updates

We’re updating how email templates are organized in Nutshell, making it easier to report on template performance and quickly find the template you’re looking for.

With this update, you can group templates into folders, improving organization and enabling you to report on the types of emails your team is sending.

This update will also allow you to access all of your personal, shared, and archived templates on one page and use new searching and filtering capabilities to quickly find the right template for your needs.

Email templates page in Nutshell with template grouped into folders


Prepare to gain an edge over the competition with CompetitorIQ! This exciting new feature will empower you to understand your competitors’ website traffic and strategies. CompetitorIQ lets you access a wealth of traffic data, including a total traffic breakdown of each competitor, an in-depth analysis of their traffic strategy, and a detailed view of total traffic over time. These insights will help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the market.

CompetitorIQ dashboard

A/B testing in Campaigns

We’re introducing A/B testing to Nutshell Campaigns! With this new feature, you’ll be able to create and experiment with campaign variations to learn more about what works best with your audience and optimize your campaigns for next-level results.

With our A/B testing feature, you’ll be able to easily create variations of a campaign. Nutshell Campaigns will send initial tests to a subset of your audience and then automatically deliver the best-performing version based on click and open rates to the rest of your audience. 

A/B testing is one of the best ways to make your email marketing smarter and more effective, and with this update, getting started will be easier than ever.

Landing pages in Revenue Booster

Looking to create landing pages for your campaigns that boost conversion rates? With our new landing page builder, you’ll be able to easily design pages tailored to your ad campaigns, webinars, events, or even out-of-home media like billboards.

Plus, everything you need to drive conversions with your landing pages is built right into Nutshell. You can use Nutshell Forms to automatically add leads from your landing pages right to Nutshell and access new reports for evaluating your landing page performance.

With this new feature, you won’t have to struggle with complex design tools or spend time coding. Instead, you can easily create custom landing pages, collect leads, and report on your results right in Nutshell!

Updates to Power AI

We’re dedicated to advancing our AI capabilities, and we’re excited to announce some upcoming enhancements to Power AI.

These include enhancing the quality of generated summaries, ensuring they are even more valuable, and refining the way summaries are displayed, making them easier to understand. Additionally, we’re actively working on optimizing load times to ensure a swift and efficient summarization experience.

Stay tuned!

We’re looking forward to launching these new features and updates, and we can’t wait to see how you use them to increase your team’s efficiency and grow your business!

We appreciate all of the suggestions and feedback we’ve gotten from our customers. It plays an important role in helping us improve Nutshell and ensure it helps our customers meet and exceed their goals.

To take a look at our other recent product updates, head to our product updates page. And if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! 


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