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The 7 best sales forecasting software tools of 2022

Jacob Thomas
Contributor, Sell to Win
Jacob Thomas
Contributor, Sell to Win
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You know the old saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

In sales, one of the best ways to plan ahead is to invest in sales forecasting software. That way you get an accurate view of future sales performance and can act accordingly. The question is, which sales forecasting software is right for your company?

Keep reading to learn what sales forecasting software is, why it's a valuable tool, and the seven best sales forecasting options available in 2022.

What is sales forecasting software?

Sales forecasting software is the closest thing to a crystal ball that your company will ever get.

These tools evaluate your lead volume, pipeline value, and the likelihood of each lead to close in order to predict future sales performance with a high degree of accuracy.

Sales forecasting software aims to answer three distinct questions:

  • How much revenue can we expect to generate in the future?
  • How do our actual sales compare to projected revenues?
  • Which lead types have the greatest impact on our forecasts?

Once these questions have been answered for your business, you'll know which sales activities to focus on, which prospects are worth pursuing, whether to adjust your team’s quota, and most importantly, how to boost your sales and grow your company.

Which sales forecasting software is right for you?

When it comes to sales forecasting software, you have options. The key is to find the right one for your company, which will require a bit of research. Lucky for you, we've already done the heavy lifting. Take a look at our seven picks for the best sales forecasting software of 2022:

1. InsightSquared

According to InsightSquared, "Sales is complicated enough, forecasting should not be."

We couldn't agree more, which is why InsightSquared leads our list of top sales forecasting software. If you invest in this tool, you'll get access to advanced artificial intelligence that will help you streamline the forecasting process and achieve more accurate results.

Forecasts can be created for specific regions, products, and other segments. Said forecasts can then be analyzed by month or quarter. InsightSquared maintains all change records, too, which helps users understand why they've missed their sales goals.

Fortunately, all of this sales functionality isn't difficult to use. InsightSquared doesn't require any coding and comes with 350+ out-of-the-box reports so that sales managers can get up and running with the sales forecasting software in a flash.

Pricing isn't listed on the InsightSquared website. To learn how much this forecasting solution will cost you, contact the InsightSquared sales team.

2. Anaplan

Anaplan is a flexible sales forecasting software that will help you make decisions faster and with more confidence, thanks to its impressive feature set.

With Anaplan, sales managers can forecast sales by account, territory, or product line, which makes it a flexible tool that can support many different workflows. Anaplan also has a "Predictive Insights" feature that helps users identify their best opportunities so that they can allocate the appropriate amount of resources to each one and increase revenue.

Similar to InsightSquared, Anaplan does not post prices on its website. To learn about the cost of this sales forecasting software, you'll need to contact Anaplan directly.

3. Nutshell

Nutshell is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that helps B2B teams close more deals by taking time-wasting tasks off their plate and helping them capture their best opportunities. 

One of the top-rated CRMs on the market, Nutshell is loaded with handy features such as pipeline management, sales automation, embeddable web forms, and customizable reporting tools that are all super simple to use. But what we really want to talk about is Nutshell's sales forecasting capabilities. 

Available in the Nutshell Pro package, Nutshell’s forecast report allows you to segment your forecasts by product, pipeline stage, and more, all within the specific date ranges that matter to you.

Users also appreciate Nutshell's pricing transparency. Nutshell Pro costs $49/user/month when billed monthly and $42/user/month when billed annually, and all Nutshell subscriptions include unlimited contact and data storage as well as access to their friendly, Michigan-based support team.


Want to kick the tires a bit?

No problem. To see if Nutshell is the right choice for your sales team, start a 14-day free trial today!

Free Trial [Want to kick the tires a bit?]


SPOTIO is the sales engagement platform that was specifically made for field sellers.

With it, outside sales teams can generate leads, assign and manage territories, design efficient routes, stay in touch with prospects and customers, automate tasks, and run customized reports.

SPOTIO’s "My Reports" feature enables field sellers to build reports based on the data that’s most relevant to them. You can easily track sales activities, pipeline metrics, and revenue data for specific reps and/or territories, then use this information to predict your future sales.

SPOTIO offers four different plans, each with its own set of features and capabilities. The SPOTIO website doesn't clarify what each plan costs, however.

5. Gong

With Gong, you can get "total visibility into your pipeline and use AI to forecast with superhuman accuracy." It's a bold claim—does it hold up?

We're not sure how to quantify "superhuman accuracy." What we do know is that Gong is a solid sales forecasting software that will definitely help you predict future sales performance. It does this via reliable features that help users get more done in less time.

Basically, Gong pulls data from your team's calls and emails; then runs the details through its AI algorithms to pinpoint trends. Gong then uses the trends information to forecast sales and make recommendations so that your team can generate more revenue.

So, how much does Gong cost? Well, that depends…

Gong creates custom pricing proposals for each of their customers. Your best bet is to sign up for a free demo of the product, tell the sales team about your needs, and let them give you a price.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is a world-renowned marketing, sales, and customer service platform.

In terms of sales forecasting features, HubSpot has the tools sellers need to accurately predict future sales performance. For example, HubSpot includes a "Categories" feature that allows users to group sales together. According to HubSpot, this helps sales teams adjust their forecasts in real time, based on the knowledge available to them, without losing track of their current place in their pipelines.

HubSpot's Sales Hub is available at four different price points. As you would expect, the more you spend, the more features you get access to. Unfortunately, HubSpot's forecasting tools are only available via the Enterprise plan, which costs a whopping $1,200 a month.

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7. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a well-respected CRM tool that includes sales forecasting features.

One of the best things about Pipedrive is its highly-visual nature, which helps sellers stay organized, effectively control their pipelines, and, most importantly, take action

Pipedrive is equipped with in-depth, easy-to-understand, and customizable sales reports, too.

You can use these sales reports to analyze past performance, as well as the current state of your pipeline, and identify both bottlenecks and winning patterns. This level of knowledge can then be used to predict future results with greater accuracy.

Also of note, Pipedrive includes a "Subscription Revenue" report, which allows sales teams to factor recurring payments into their sales forecasts.

Pipedrive offers four different plans, though only two of them include sales forecasting features. Expect to spend between $49 and $119 per user per month if you choose Pipedrive as your sales forecasting software.

So…which of the above solutions give you the features you need at a price you can afford? Once you've narrowed it down to 2-3 front-runners, sign up for free trials (if applicable) to test each app for yourself. Good luck!

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