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12 CRM Automation Examples & 4 Best Practices You Can Emulate

CRM automation examples

Have you ever wondered if your business would benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) automation?

Fun fact: 82% of businesses use CRMs for sales reporting and process automation. Today’s customers expect frictionless journeys with brands, and one of the cost-effective and easier ways to improve your interactions with them is through CRM automation.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors with CRM automation, keep reading. This blog post will go through 12 CRM automation examples and four best practices you can emulate to streamline your processes, increase your teams’ productivity, and grow your revenue.

What is CRM automation?

CRM automation is the process of automating manual and repetitive tasks under marketing, sales, and customer service operations so that you can streamline your processes and improve these departments’ productivity. Some of the tasks you can automate are:

  • Customer and lead data entry
  • Updating your leads’ profiles
  • Tracking sales and analytics
  • Sending welcome emails and service appointment reminders
Graphic with definition of CRM automation

What are the benefits of CRM automation?

After learning about what is CRM automation, let’s see how it can make a difference for your business by learning some of the major benefits of CRM automation.

Here are some of the ways CRM automation can benefit your business:

  • Automatically performs simple, mundane, and repetitive tasks
  • Removing the possibility of human error
  • Help you handle a significantly larger quantity of data
  • Segment and personalize marketing campaigns
  • Saves money

12 CRM automation examples

You can automate various tasks with your CRM—from marketing and sales to customer service. Here are 12 CRM automation examples covering these three departments:

  1. CRM marketing automation examples
  2. CRM sales automation examples
  3. Customer service automation examples

CRM marketing automation examples

Among marketers using automation, 91% say it’s “very important” to their overall success. Here are some CRM marketing automation examples that will inspire you to get started:

1. Lead data entry

If you collect leads from different sources like your website, paid social media campaigns, and search campaigns, it’s a chore to manually download your lead data and copy them to a spreadsheet. You can automate this task using a CRM like Nutshell.

With Nutshell, you can create forms that you can embed on your website. Each time a site visitor signs up as a lead, Nutshell automatically collects and stores the lead information for your sales team to easily access.

2. Marketing-to-sales lead handoff

By automating your lead scoring efforts, you can also automate the handoff of hot leads to your sales team. Nutshell has simplified lead scoring with lead confidence, which indicates how likely a lead will convert.

Nutshell Pro can automatically score your leads and identify hot leads, helping them prioritize a potential sale. In addition, it can automatically assign these leads to your sales reps, so interested prospects won’t wait long to hear from you.

3. Welcome email

If someone just signed up for your newsletter, it’s a good idea to send out a welcome email, which has an average open rate of more than 86%. Do you know what a better idea is? Automating these welcome emails. Thank them for signing up, and briefly let them know the exciting perks of subscribing.

4. Personalized marketing campaigns

With 72% of customers saying they only engage with personalized messaging from brands, it pays to personalize your marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement and loyalty. CRM automation lets you quickly create workflows that segment your customer list and send relevant messages to different segments.

CRM sales automation examples

Let your sales team focus on strategies and leave repetitive tasks to your CRM. Here are four sales automation examples a CRM can do for your business:

5. Lead prioritization

Did your website forms return a long list of leads? Let your CRM perform lead scoring, so your sales reps can prioritize contacting prospects likely to convert. Nutshell’s lead confidence feature has simplified lead scoring, so your team can easily prioritize the leads closest to your ideal customer profile.

6. Outreach to disengaged customers

You can reduce your customer churn rate by reaching out to customers showing signs of disengagement. How? Automatically segment your customers according to how engaged they are with your business and products or services, and reach out to less engaged ones before they churn.

Do you have customers or users who appear to be using your products less frequently or perhaps not maximizing the features of their paid subscription? These customers might be facing roadblocks with product use and may not repurchase or renew their subscriptions.

Proactively reach out to them with an automated but personalized email that offers support. Let them schedule a product refresher training with your team or share a how-to blog post or training video that can help them maximize their use of your product.

7. Subscription renewal email send-out

Automate your check-ins with your customers a few weeks before their subscription expires. Ask them about how they’re enjoying your product and offer help if they need it.

Use this opportunity to remind them about their renewal, too. This way, they won’t be surprised when they receive another email from you about their subscription renewal.

8. Moving leads to your pipeline

Pipeline management helps you increase your close ratio and understand which prospects are ready to purchase. 

With a CRM like Nutshell, you can automatically advance your leads from one pipeline stage to another once they’ve met the goals you’ve set. Nutshell can also update their lead confidence so that your sales team knows when it’s time to shift their focus on leads close to purchasing.

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CRM customer service automation examples

Keep your customers satisfied with your service through the help of customer service automation in CRMs. Here are some CRM automation examples for customer service:

9. Acknowledgment receipt send-out

Did a customer just file a service ticket? Let them know that you’re on it by sending an automated email informing them that you received their inquiry.

Sending acknowledgment receipts is an essential practice that many businesses often overlook. It is an important piece of communication that gives your customers an update about their inquiry, so they don’t keep sending you messages through different channels. 

Automating this step saves your customer service team precious time in addressing concerns.

10. Appointment reminders

Make every step of your customer’s journey with you a pleasant one, including their after-sales appointments

Did a customer book a meeting with you? Some of your customers may be juggling many responsibilities, and they might miss your appointment. Help them remember your engagement by sending a reminder a day or two beforehand. 

CRMs like Nutshell can help you automate these reminders, so you spare your customers from rebooking and getting their concerns addressed immediately. Your customer service team also saves precious time because they don’t have to send an email manually!

11. Follow-up email to provide further assistance

Nurturing relationships with customers doesn’t end once they’ve purchased from you. To show genuine concern, service teams can send an automated follow-up email to customers whose tickets were recently addressed.

Service automation in CRMs can help you send this email by asking if you’ve helped them address their concern and if they need further assistance.

12. Surveying your customers and analyzing your net promoter score (NPS)

A customer loyalty and satisfaction metric, NPS helps you understand what customers think of you by asking them, “How likely are you to recommend our product, service, or brand to others on a scale of 1 to 10?” The higher the figure, the better the job you’re doing at keeping your customers happy.

With the help of a CRM, you can automate the send-out of your NPS survey. Nutshell also has reporting and analytics feature that can automate the NPS survey results report.

4 CRM automation best practices

CRM automation should make your teams more efficient and productive. To ensure this effort doesn’t require too much work on your team members, here are four CRM automation best practices:

1. Create clear guidelines for data entry and updates

Use consistent formatting for your data. Create a document outlining your data entry and update guidelines, including how conversation logs are typed in. This ensures productivity across the board, so other team members can easily understand all the details saved in each customer profile.

2. Perform regular data cleansing and follow a maintenance schedule

Do you simply upload your customer data and call it a day? If you do, chances are some recipients have not received your emails.

Ensure you have a maintenance schedule for your CRM’s database to check in with your customers about their updated contact details. If your past emails bounced, make sure to edit or delete them. By regularly cleaning your data, your team members don’t have to deal with outdated customer data or customers who are no longer interested in your product or service.

3. Use a mobile-friendly CRM

Boost your productivity by having a CRM that you can access through a mobile device. Nutshell is an easy-to-use CRM that has a mobile app. It also lets you save your prospect’s data by taking a photo!

4. Make simple but effective workflows

CRM automation should help boost productivity among various teams within your organization by taking up repetitive tasks. If your automation workflows are too complex, some of your team members might not adopt the tool. The result is an investment that doesn’t help your business and doesn’t provide returns.

Keep your workflows simple and effective, so your team can maximize your CRM automation tools. It also helps to have a user-friendly CRM like Nutshell so that adoption won’t be a problem.

Perform CRM automation with Nutshell

CRM automation streamlines your processes and improves the productivity of your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. If you want to help your customer-facing teams with automation, consider Nutshell.

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