7 Best Data Enrichment Tools to Level Up Your Sales

With the right software, data enrichment enables you to gather valuable insights into your leads, sales processes, and marketing strategies, which allows you to implement smarter improvements that drive more revenue for your company. 

But how can you find the best tool for your business needs? Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of seven data enrichment tools that can help you expertly level up your sales.

Just keep reading to see our top picks! 

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What are data enrichment tools?

Data enrichment tools are a type of software application for automating the process of finding, validating, and merging third-party data with existing data. Data enrichment enhances the existing information you have about your leads, prospects, and customers to provide more in-depth insights you can use to close more deals.

Benefits of using data enrichment tools

Data enrichment tools can bring multiple benefits to your business as you work to build stronger relationships with your leads. Here are some of the top advantages of data enrichment:

  • Understanding more about potential customers: Because data enrichment tools bring in additional information about a company’s potential customers, teams can better understand the people and companies they interact with.
  • Creating more personalized interactions: By knowing more about your audience, you’re able to personalize your strategy to optimize your chances of sales success. These tools ultimately help companies improve their marketing and sales efforts to increase conversions.
  • Running targeted ad campaigns: Data enrichment tools can also provide you with the data you need to launch more targeted advertising campaigns for the specific demographics you want to reach with messaging about your products or services.

7 best data enrichment tools

Here’s our list of the seven best data enrichment tools:

  1. Nutshell
  2. MarketingCloudFX
  3. Clearbit
  4. Data Axle Genie
  5. Datanyze
  6. FullContact
  7. Snov.io

Let’s dive into each one below!

1. Nutshell

nutshell data enrichment tools

Pricing: Starting at $16 per user per month, free trial available

Want to learn more about your audience so you can personalize their experiences and implement messages that encourage them to convert? Nutshell can help. 

Nutshell is a hassle-free customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps you store and analyze valuable data about your leads and current customers. 

With Nutshell you can:

  • Learn how leads interact with your website and team before converting
  • See which channels generate the most leads for your company
  • Learn about your audience’s demographics and interests
  • Analyze how leads progress through your sales pipeline
  • Understand which messages and interactions cause leads to drop out of your sales funnel
  • Track the performance of your email marketing messages
  • And much more

If you’re in need of software or data enrichment services that give you deep insights into your leads so you can optimize your strategies for even more leads and conversions, Nutshell is the perfect tool for you.

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2. MarketingCloudFX

marketingcloudfx data enrichment tools

Pricing: View pricing

Next on our list of top data enrichment software is MarketingCloudFX. MarketingCloudFX is a revenue acceleration platform trusted by businesses around the world. 

Powered by IBM Watson, MarketingCloudFX enables you to unify all of your data and access billions of data sources that help you improve your marketing efforts for more web traffic, leads, and sales. 

From helping you track the results of all your marketing strategies to giving you suggestions for revenue-driving optimizations, MarketingCloudFX makes it easy to implement data-backed strategies and personalized messages that help you drive revenue and power business growth.

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3. Clearbit

clearbit data enrichment tools

Pricing: Contact for quote

Clearbit is a marketing data engine that helps you use data to identify the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services so you can maximize your sales. 

This tool helps you learn more about your audience’s interests and demographics so you can implement more personalized marketing and sales messages that encourage them to convert. 

Clearbit also enables you to gather more data about your prospects so you can identify high-value leads and show them the right messages at the right time to close the deal. 

4. Data Axle Genie

data axle genie data enrichment tools

Pricing: Starting at $149 per month, free trial available

Next on our list of data enrichment tools is Data Axle Genie. Data Axle Genie uses a plethora of data points to help you find the most high-value leads for your company. 

This handy platform also comes equipped with a built-in outreach tool for calling, emailing, and direct mail. 

With Data Axle Genie, you can: 

  • Search business and consumer leads by industry, location, income, age, and more
  • Send timely and impactful email, direct mail, and display ad messages to new prospects and existing customers
  • Track and manage your leads as they move through your funnel
  • Gain insights into which messages and channels encourage leads to convert
  • And more

If you’re need of data enrichment software that makes it easy to find leads that will provide the most value for your business, Data Axle Genie could be the platform for you. 

5. Datanyze

datanyze data enrichment tools

Pricing: Starting at $21 per month, free trial available

The fifth spot in our data enrichment platforms list is Datanyze. Datanyze helps gather data to better understand your audience so you can generate more leads and conversions for your business. 

With Datanyze, you can collect lead and customer information like: 

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Job titles
  • Company industry
  • Location 
  • And more

Additionally, Datanyze enables you to collect data directly from a company’s website or a user’s social media profile so you can get in touch with prospects fast and start selling. 

This powerful platform also helps you automatically segment email lists and craft email messages so you can nurture more leads toward conversion. 

6. FullContact

fullcontact data enrichment tools

Pricing: Contact for quote

FullContact is a data enrichment platform that gives you the data and intelligence you need to personalize audience experiences and optimize your sales and marketing strategies. 

Plus, FullContact places a strong emphasis on privacy and security so you can rest assured that your prospect and customer data is safe. 

This software helps you capture value from your data and turn it into insights that help you form better relationships with your prospects and grow stronger customer relationships that translate to long-term revenue. 

7. Snov.io

snovio data enrichment tools

Pricing: Starting at $30 per month, free plan available

Snov.io is a CRM platform designed to help businesses like yours collect and leverage audience data to earn more sales and revenue. 

Not only can Snov.io collect valuable data from your leads and customers, it can also help you use that data to launch data-backed strategies and messages that will drive better results. 

For example, you can use Snov.io to: 

  • Send personalized email drip campaigns
  • Patch holes in your sales funnel
  • Upsell products based on customer interests
  • Reach high-value leads with targeted marketing messages
  • And more

Looking for a data enrichment tool that helps you convert more leads? Check out Snov.io. 

Data enrichment tools FAQs

As you research data enrichment tools, you may have some additional questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about data enrichment tools you may find helpful:

What is an example of data enrichment?

One example of data enrichment is gathering information like education level, age, and purchase history and adding it to a lead’s profile. You can enrich all kinds of data, including personal and professional information, to understand your prospects, leads, customers, and clients. Your sales team can then use the enriched data to improve its sales efforts.

Does data enrichment violate the law?

Data enrichment doesn’t violate any privacy protection laws, as long as the data that’s gathered is from publicly available databases or the data enrichment tool has express rights to the data. Ultimately, it’s up to the businesses enriching their data to ensure they follow privacy protection laws. 

What is data enrichment in a CRM?

Data enrichment in a CRM is when you apply the data enrichment process to the data in your CRM system. Doing so can be especially helpful for keeping your CRM data accurate and updated so your sales team can implement personalized experiences for leads and launch more effective email campaigns.

What are the techniques of data enrichment?

You can use several techniques to enrich your data. Data enrichment tools often combine multiple techniques to provide the most accurate data possible. Here are a few of them:

  • Appending data: This is the process of combining multiple data sources to provide a more thorough data set than any single source.
  • Segmentation: Data segmentation lets you organize a data set by certain field values.
  • Derived attributes: When you calculate fields in a data set from other fields, you create derived attributes.
  • Data imputation: Data imputation is when you replace missing or inconsistent data within a field.

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