How to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

You’ve heard the term “domain authority” before and you know it’s important, but you’re not exactly sure what it is—let alone how to use it to boost your business’s visibility and sales.

Never fear! By the end of this article, you’ll know what contributes to page authority, how to increase your website’s domain authority score, how they impact SEO performance, and more.

Was ist Domänenautorität?

Domain authority is a measurement of how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). Moz first introduced the metric, but other tools have developed similar authority metrics. Moz’s domain authority score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores representing a greater likelihood of ranking.

A domain authority score generally considers several factors, including the number of total backlinks, the quality of those backlinks, and the number of linking root domains. The resulting score gives you an idea of how well your domain might rank in the SERPs in relation to your competitors.

Why is domain authority important?

Domain authority is one of the top-ranking factors for SERPs. In a nutshell, your website’s domain authority score will help you determine your competitiveness in your niche when it comes to ranking and increasing your organic traffic. This, in turn, will help you choose keywords strategically to increase your search traffic—and, hopefully, increase conversions, whether they’re trial signups, phone calls, or purchases.

For example, let’s pretend your website’s domain authority score is 56. If you’re competing for a specific keyword against sites with domain authorities between 39 and 47, you’ll know that a well-written blog post or web page has a good chance of ranking. But, if you’re competing against sites with domain authorities in the 80s, you’ll probably want to target a different keyword.

However, it’s important to note that while domain authority score predicts success, it doesn’t necessarily represent success. The metric is not used by Google, and boosting your domain authority won’t automatically make your website rank higher in Google search results.

Domain authority vs. page authority

Before we dig deeper into domain authority, we need to clarify: domain authority and page authority, another metric developed by Moz, are different. While domain authority ranks the strength of an entire domain, page authority focuses on a single page’s ability to rank in the SERPs.

Steigerung der Domain-Autorität in 3 Schritten

Now that you know what domain authority is and why it’s important, it’s time to learn how to boost your website’s score. Follow the three-step process outlined below, and you’ll be well on your way to a higher domain authority.

1. Die richtigen Grundlagen schaffen

Als Erstes sollten Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Website richtig eingerichtet ist. Das bedeutet, dass Sie Ihren On-Page-Inhalt optimieren, dafür sorgen, dass Ihre Website schnell geladen wird, und eine mobilfreundliche Website erstellen, die auf einem Telefon oder Tablet einfach zu surfen ist. Hier sind ein paar Tipps für den Anfang:

  • Don’t neglect your internal links, as they help search engines like Google crawl and index content. Just make sure that your anchor text matches the page you’re linking to.
  • Test your website for mobile-friendliness. Mobile-optimized sites offer better user experiences and increase the likelihood that your content will secure backlinks.
  • Ensure your website loads quickly. Slow sites have high bounce rates, which is a big red flag to Google and the other search engines. There are several tools available for checking your website load speed.

Wenn es um Domain-Autorität geht, sind hochwertige Backlinks das A und O. Je mehr Sie haben, desto höher wird Ihr Ergebnis sein. Wir haben einen ausführlichen Beitrag über Linkaufbau geschrieben, den Sie unbedingt lesen sollten. Aber für den Moment sollten Sie diese Dinge im Hinterkopf behalten:

  • Erstellen Sie großartige Inhalte: Autoritäre Websites werden nur dann auf Ihre Inhalte verlinken, wenn diese bemerkenswert sind. Nehmen Sie sich also Zeit und erstellen Sie ausführliche Blogs, Videos usw., die besser sind als das, was bereits im Internet zu finden ist. Die Mühe wird sich garantiert lohnen.
  • Promote your content: Great content alone isn’t enough. Give it a boost by promoting it to your email list and social media followers. Doing so will help you get eyes on your work, which will boost your backlink opportunities.
  • Implement a link-building strategy: Top-notch content and a consistent promotional strategy will get the ball rolling. But you’ll also want to take a more proactive approach to link building. To do this, contact authoritative sites and ask them to link to you. Just know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it, which we cover in the link-building article referenced above.
  • Engagieren Sie sich für Gast-Blogging: Schließlich kann Gast-Blogging für seriöse Websites eine gute Möglichkeit sein, Backlinks aufzubauen. Zum einen können Sie in den Inhalten, die Sie schreiben, auf Ihre eigene Website verweisen. Und zweitens könnte den Leuten, die Ihren Gastbeitrag lesen, dieser gefallen, sie könnten auf Ihrer Website nach ähnlichen Inhalten suchen und dann auf einige Ihrer Beiträge verlinken.
Vielen Dank an Ahrefs für diese großartige Grafik

Nicht alle Links sind gleich. Um Ihre Domain-Autorität zu steigern, müssen Sie hochwertige Links sichern und minderwertige eliminieren. Das wirft jedoch die Frage auf: Was ist ein hochwertiger Link?

Ein Qualitätslink ist ein Link, der von einer angesehenen Website stammt. Ein Link von der New York Times zum Beispiel würde als hochwertig gelten, da der Herausgeber bekannt und angesehen ist. Links von unbekannten, spammigen Websites würden dagegen als minderwertig gelten.

The easiest way to eliminate low-quality links is to use a tool like SEMrush, which will help you identify backlinks that harm your domain authority score and backlink profile. Once you have the complete list, manually remove them if possible, or disavow them through Google.

Verwandt: Wie man disavowieren Links zu Ihrer Website.

Frequently asked questions about domain authority

Want to know more about the domain authority metric? These FAQs might have the answers you’re looking for:

How do you check domain authority?

Domain authority may seem complicated at first. Fortunately, checking the domain authority score for your own site is super easy. Just follow these four steps:

  • Pull up a domain authority tool, like Moz’s free Link Explorer tool, Majestic’s Site Explorer, or Domain Rating from Ahrefs
  • Type your URL into the search bar
  • Analyze the data that the tool gives you

Was ist ein guter Domain-Autoritätswert?

You just plugged your website URL into a domain authority tool and took a look at your domain authority score. Now you’re probably wondering, “Is that good?” 

It’s a fair question. It’s also the wrong question. You should be asking, “Is that good for my site?”

As mentioned previously, domain authority scores range from low numbers to higher numbers. Every website starts with a low ranking and begins to climb as it gains backlinks and popularity. A good domain score depends on the domain authority scores of your direct competitors.

Let’s return to our previous example and pretend that you have a domain authority of 56. This is much lower than Google, which ranks in the 90s. But since your hypothetical site doesn’t compete with Google for customers, this comparison is irrelevant.

After researching the scores of your direct competitors, you realize that most of them are in the mid-forties, which means your domain authority of 56 is excellent.

Um festzustellen, ob Ihr Domain Authority Score gut ist oder nicht, vergleichen Sie ihn mit den Werten Ihrer Konkurrenten. Wenn er höher ist, sind Sie gut dabei. Wenn er niedriger ist, haben Sie noch etwas zu tun. So einfach ist das.

How fast can you increase domain authority?

It could be months before your strategies for increasing domain authority start paying off. That’s because it takes time to optimize your website, get higher-quality backlinks, and build out good content on your site. Boosting your domain’s authority is a long-term strategy, not a quick solution to poor performance in the SERPs. 

How do you lose domain authority?

Your domain authority ranking can drop because of several factors, like:

  • Getting involved in a link scheme: Your domain authority can decrease dramatically if you buy or sell links, use automated link-creating tools, or exchange links excessively.
  • Having lots of low-quality links: If spammy sites are linking to your domain, it could harm your score.
  • Having domain technical issues: Slow site speed, broken links, or other issues can also lower domain authority.
  • Your competitors improving their performance: Finally, your domain authority could also decrease if your competitors start performing better in the SERPs.

Are there other measures of domain authority?

For the last several years, multiple companies have devised their own domain reputation ranking tools that aim to measure the same thing but are named things like “domain reputation” or “site authority.” It’s important to note that the domain authority ranking scores of one tool likely won’t line up with those of another. Whichever metric of page health you use, be sure to keep it consistent.

Implement the right strategies to boost your website’s domain authority

Die Domain-Autorität ist eine wichtige Marketing-Kennzahl, denn sie kann Ihnen helfen, eine starke SEO-Strategie zu entwickeln, die Ihr Unternehmen voranbringt. Denken Sie aber daran, dass die Domain-Autorität den Erfolg vorhersagt, aber nicht garantiert. Aus diesem Grund sollte die Steigerung Ihrer Punktzahl nie das Endziel sein.

To increase domain authority for your website, follow the three steps we talk about in this article. When you do, your domain authority will rise, as well as your site’s ability to rank well in search engine results.

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