How to build a sales team you can depend on in 8 simple steps

Before you can start closing deals and bringing in new customers, you’ve got to assemble a team of capable individuals. No, we’re not talking about assembling the Avengers (though, that would be cool, wouldn’t it?), but rather a capable and dependable sales time.

In this article, we’re breaking down some key tips on how to build a sales team that’s successful, reliable, and just maybe rivals Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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1. Establish sales goals and KPIs

Before you begin building a sales team, establish your sales goals and indicate important key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll be monitoring. By identifying your critical KPIs, you can set forth clear expectations for your potential hires regarding what’s to be expected from them.

Establishing goals also helps you focus your hiring efforts and ensure you’re interviewing and hiring people who are best equipped to handle and close sales for your business.

2. Scale your sales team according to your business

One of the most important things you can do when building a sales team is to ensure you create one that fits the scale of your business. If you’re a smaller business, you don’t need to have a large, full-sized sales team. Similarly, if you’re a large business with a significant number of customers and leads, you want to build a sales team with personnel to support that.

If you’re a small business, your sales team can grow as you grow. Consider starting with one or two representatives who can make sales calls, then hire for more roles as your business increases in size. As a larger business, it might be best to start with hiring a sales manager(s) as well as sales representatives.

3. Set clear expectations when hiring

When hiring sales representatives for your team, make sure you set forth clear expectations regarding what you expect from them. Just like establishing your goals, setting clear expectations for your potential hires helps you zero in on the best of the best.

Not only that, but it helps potential hires understand what they’ll be doing with your company should they get hired.

4. Don’t neglect training

When figuring out how to build a successful sales team for your company, implementing a proper new-hire training program should be at the top of your list. Everyone has room to grow and learn, and with training, you can make sure your new hires are equipped to handle whatever comes at them in their new position as a sales representative of your company.

A training program is key to proper sales team development. Having a training program in place also helps educate new representatives of your company. During this time, you can teach them about company values, culture, expectations, and how to properly represent your company while working with leads.

5. Communicate regularly and give feedback

One of the best ways people learn is by receiving feedback from their peers and superiors. Whether it’s positive or negative, sales representatives need to know what they’re doing right or wrong in order to improve. As a manager, it’s your job to stay in touch with your sales team and regularly provide helpful feedback and encouragement to them.

If you notice someone doing an exceptional job, make sure they know that so they can continue to be a positive influence on your sales. If you notice someone underperforming, make them aware of the situation and work with them to find solutions to the problem. 

Providing feedback to sales representatives isn’t a matter of simply pointing out what they’re doing wrong but helping them to improve and better themselves so everyone can work to the best of their ability.

6. Listen to your team

At the same time, don’t discourage your representatives from offering their own feedback as well. Just as your team can benefit from feedback, so can you. One of the key tips for building a successful sales team is to listen to your team and make sure they know their thoughts, opinions, and ideas matter to you.

Your sales representatives are on the front lines, so to speak. This means they know what systems and processes work when it comes to successfully reeling in and converting sales leads. If they come to you about making improvements to processes within the sales department, hear them out.

A good manager listens to their team and works with them to help create a work environment that’s constantly improving.

7. Foster a positive work culture

Great sales team development starts with a great work culture. When people work in an environment they know supports them and encourages them to be the best they can be, they’re more inclined to work harder and be more productive.

A positive work culture affects not just your sales team’s productivity but their overall mental health. When they have a job that doesn’t make them dread going to work every morning, the chances of them staying with your company longer increase.

By building a positive work culture within your company, you could see increased employee retention rates in not just your sales team but all departments. 

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