Human Element introduces a sales process with Nutshell

Human Element introduced a sales process with Nutshell.

When Human Element jumped into the tech industry over a decade ago, they started out in consulting, providing technology strategy to brick-and-mortar businesses unfamiliar with the online space.

But as their client list and size grew they noticed a common trend: Their clients needed help setting up and managing their eCommerce functions on their websites.

They took their customers’ needs to heart. “We consider our clients as part of our team,” says Managing Partner Ben Lorenz. “‘Always do the right thing’ is one of our core values.”

For Human Element, doing the right thing meant changing their entire business model. Today, they help companies build and run online stores that perfectly fit their businesses.

The Challenge

At first, Human Element didn’t have a sales process in place to support its new growth. Each sale depended on whoever started the conversation to follow up, develop a proposal, and close the deal. Without a trail of communication, there was no possibility for team collaboration to win the sale.

“How we managed our sales process created some issues and left a lot of room for opportunities to fall through the cracks,” says Dree Ziegler, Director of Marketing at Human Element. “We needed a more defined strategy for lead management and cultivating those leads over time.”

The Solution

Human Element looked at several CRM options, but nothing resonated with their team. They wanted an easy-to-use CRM that offered transparency through every stage of the sales process.

Then they came across Nutshell.

“Nutshell was pretty lightweight and straightforward,” says Ben.

Nutshell helps everyone in our company keep track of sales opportunities and pinpoint where our marketing dollars are working.

Dree Ziegler

Director of Marketing, Human Element

Two years later, Human Element has a strong sales process in place—and still loves using Nutshell.

“We have a customized sales process and tag notes to each other almost daily,” says Dree. “We also created a custom field to help specify our lead source more accurately so we can pinpoint where our marketing dollars are working.”

When one of Human Element’s staff had to go on extended leave, Nutshell helped the rest of the team to keep the conversation going with customers.

One of our key sales team members wrecked his bicycle, and the rest of the team needed to step in where he left off. Because we had Nutshell in place, we were able to follow-up with his open sales leads fairly seamlessly while he recovered, and we didn’t miss out on any opportunities.

Dree Ziegler

Director of Marketing, Human Element

The Results

Human Element has reached an annual growth of 20% for the past three years, and their success has won them the Ann Arbor SPARK FastTrack Business Award two years in a row.

Because Human Element helps many Michigan businesses, they are happy that a local neighbor was able to help get their sales process back on track.

“We love that we were able to work with a local company,” says Dree. “The fact that Nutshell is a great CRM solution just down the street makes it even better.”

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