SilverBull personalizes the recruitment process with Nutshell

Learn how SilverBull personalized the recruitment process with Nutshell.

Companies don’t trust just anyone with their classified data. That’s where SilverBull comes in. They match Fortune 500 businesses and government agencies with the most qualified cybersecurity and IT professionals so that they hire the best candidate for the job.

What makes SilverBull stand out in their industry is the personal touch they give to the recruitment process. They can quickly get to the specifics with their clients—even anticipate their hiring needs before they do—all on a first-name basis.

The Challenge

But it wasn’t always that way. Months ago, SilverBull’s business development team couldn’t access their client information easily.

“We were constantly looking at tiny cells,” says Nick Costanzo, a Business Development Representative at SilverBull. “We jammed as many notes we could enter into spreadsheets, but that only made it harder for us to pull out the information we needed.”

This was frustrating for a team wanting to earn the trust of respected executives at large corporations.

“We’re not just recruiting,” says Chez Ruiz, another member of SilverBull’s Business Development team. “We’re making sure our clients are happy with the candidates we present.”

Fearing that their client relationships would suffer, the team knew they needed a tool that tracked all stages of the recruiting and hiring process.

The Solution

“We wanted a tool that allowed us to be more strategic in how we approach our clients,” says Nick. “Something as simple as a personalized subject line can go a long way.”

SilverBull needed a CRM solution that would allow them to contact their clients all from one place, from writing emails and making calls to scheduling meetings and taking notes on client conversations.

Then they tested out Nutshell.

We instantly noticed how it made communication with our clients much easier. I couldn’t believe that one tool could do all the things I needed to do.

Chez Ruiz

Business Development Representative, SilverBull

The vote was unanimous: It was time to switch to Nutshell.

For a team that never used CRM before, they jumped into Nutshell with both feet.

It took only a few hours to feel comfortable using it. After a few days, it was second nature to me.

Chez Ruiz

Business Development Representative, SilverBull

Nick and Chez were excited to stop using spreadsheets.

“I loved that Nutshell easily imported our client information from our spreadsheets,” says Nick. “I could start emailing and calling clients right away.”

The Results

Within weeks, the team noticed a big difference in their performance.

“Nutshell reduces the guesswork,” says Chez. “I can track which of my email subject lines have the highest open rates and which of my email templates get the most responses. I can analyze my own work.”

Nick agrees. “We can now track information about our clients in real time to learn about them and what they want to talk about. Nutshell lets us track companies more closely in a way that keeps it personal.”

When Chez needed help integrating his Google calendar so that he could schedule meetings with clients, he called Nutshell.

“The support team was very patient with me and understood my problem,” says Chez. “I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to them again.”

The team loves how Nutshell lets them make calls with one click, tracks the emails they send, and reminds them to enter notes after a call.

“Nutshell helped me overcome my hesitation with cold-calling,” says Nick. “It gave me a plan and helped me approach each call with more confidence.”

Months later, Nick and Chez have no regrets about switching to Nutshell.

I could not do my job without this. I have no reason to stop using Nutshell.

Nick Costanzo

Business Development Representative, SilverBull

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