It all started when he couldn’t find the right commuter bag.

“I personally couldn’t find a bag that I liked and that wouldn’t cost me a mortgage payment at the same time,” says Adam Kail, now the Founder and CEO of Brothers Leather Supply Co.

Adam and his wife, Beth Kail, decided to create designs for trendy leather bags that could be sold at a reasonable price. They were already entrepreneurs, so there was no hesitation in starting their own business from the ground up.

The Challenge

What started out as a side business to earn extra cash grew into a full-time venture. They began selling bags out of their basement to friends and family but quickly moved into a much bigger space as online orders multiplied.

Brothers Leather soon occupied most of Adam’s time as he tried to keep up with emails from customers, inquiries from wholesalers, and communications with vendors.

We were running on spreadsheets and that was becoming unsustainable. We needed a better solution.

Adam Kail

Founder & CEO

That’s when they came across Nutshell.

The Solution

“I’ve worked at other big companies with different CRM options, and Nutshell is the best I’ve used by far,” Adam says. “Nutshell is the lifeblood to our business, and here’s what I mean by that. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you can’t measure your productivity, if you can’t measure how many clients you’re going after in a day, if you can’t measure how many people you talk to in a week, how do you know what you’re doing?”

Adam and Beth were impressed by how easy it was to use Nutshell and how quickly they could train their new employees to use the system. Everyone at Brothers Leather knows when to reach out to people, even when several employees were in contact with a customer.

“You work so hard to make that sale, to get that first deal, and the follow-up is so important,” Adam says. The more successful you are at following up, the better you can build relationships, and Nutshell really helps organize all of that and keep it in a fluid process.”

It’s helped our business easily grow from a wholesale standpoint. We definitely would’ve lost sales without it.

Adam Kail

Founder & CEO

The Results

Today, Adam describes Brothers Leather Supply Co. as a six-figure business, boasting 40% month-over-month growth. They now sell their bags at over 25 stores nationwide, online, and at their flagship retail store in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“We’ve been using Nutshell for over a year now, and we can’t imagine growing our company without it,” he says. “What helped Nutshell stand out from other CRMs I think are three things. One, its functionality. It’s easy to use. The second thing is the cost. Nutshell is extremely reasonably priced for an insanely cool piece of technology that helps our business grow every day.

“And the third thing that sets Nutshell apart is the service. The competitors of Nutshell are large and you have to push 19 prompts to talk to somebody. With Nutshell, I can call my account manager, talk to him or her about what question I have or what I need help with and they’ll respond right away.”

What’s Brothers Leather’s secret to success?

“Our company is built on the premise that we only get better when our people get better,” he says. “We really believe in personal development and helping our people become who they want to be.”

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