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The Top 5 Contact Management Software Platforms for Business Growth

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Tired of reading through a plethora of spreadsheets upon spreadsheets to find the one phone number you need? Contact management software is your solution. There are hundreds of platforms and tools to help you better manage your lead and client contact information—so how do you find the best one?

We’ve created this list of the five best contact management software solutions to help you narrow your search! So keep reading for the inside scoop on the best platforms and tools to help your team spend more time driving sales and less time searching for contact information. 

Oh, and did we mention that Nutshell is one of the best contact management tools available? Our hassle-free, flexible software gives you a central repository of all your lead and client contact details in one dashboard for your entire team to access on any device, anywhere, at any time. 

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What is contact management software?

Contact management software is a tool used to organize and store customer and prospect contact information. These platforms play a vital role in ensuring customer data remains accurate and easy to access across departments.

Using a structured contact management system to keep this data in order can improve team efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It’s also ideal for enhancing the customer experience through personalized messaging and enriched interactions.

Contact management software vs. CRM

If you’ve never used a CRM system before, you may wonder whether it’s the same as contact management software. The short answer is no—it’s not exactly the same.

While businesses use a CRM to manage contact information, as they would with contact management software, a CRM platform can do so much more.

In addition to helping you organize and categorize your contacts, modern CRMs also include numerous other sales- and marketing-centric features. For example, with Nutshell’s CRM, you get:

Why is contact management software necessary?

Regardless of the type of business you run or the industry you operate in, customer data will always be at the heart of what you do. With the correct information on hand and available across all relevant teams, you’ll see improvements in the following areas:

  • Team efficiency: A well-maintained, organized, central system of contact data ensures your team has quick access to accurate customer information when needed. As a result, teams will be more efficient and productive.
  • Improved knowledge: Your contact management system allows you to store every interaction and note about each client in an organized manner. This way, your team can view all customer interactions, engagement, buying behavior, and more, giving you more insight into your customers. 
  • Increased revenue: Regularly updated and managed customer data typically leads to more efficient audience targeting and lead nurturing. It eliminates the risk of your sales team missing leads, which can increase sales and revenue. 

Essential contact management software features

When on the hunt for the ideal contact management platform for your business, there are a few core features you should keep an eye out for. Finding contact management software that includes the following tools would be your best bet:

  • Information database: This is where you’ll store and organize all your prospect and customer data, including contact details, addresses, social media handles, company website URLs, and much more.
  • Segmentation features: A contact management system that lets you categorize and label contacts using tags is preferable, as it gives you the ability to segment audiences for better targeting.
  • Lead management tool: Comprehensive contact management software may offer you lead management tools, including pipeline creation and lead tracking.
  • Prospecting support: You may find more advanced contact management platforms offering automated features for qualifying and nurturing leads, which can be incredibly handy.
  • App integrations: A good contact management system should let you integrate your favorite project management, communication, and marketing apps, among others, for a more holistic sales, marketing, and customer support solution.

Which CRM has the features you need?

Our interactive worksheet compares the benefits offered by Nutshell, your existing contact management solution, and any other CRMs you’re currently evaluating.


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5 best contact management software tools and platforms

Check out the top five contact management software below: 

1. Nutshell

Price: $16 per user per month for Starter, $42 per user per month for Pro

Nutshell is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides your business with an all-in-one contact management solution.

Nutshell gives you and your entire team a central repository of client and lead contact information in a single dashboard.

Not only does Nutshell help you find contact details, but we also go a step further in helping you track every detail of each interaction you have with your prospects and current customers.

With Nutshell, you can: 

  • Store an unlimited amount of CRM contacts
  • Access free data importing assistance to import your contacts, calendar events, and emails from any source to get up and running on day one of using Nutshell
  • Log and monitor communications from your desktop or phone
  • See the most important and up-to-date information for every person and business your team interacts with
  • Minimize manual data entry by automatically syncing phone contacts and scanning business cards
  • Automatically collect lead information directly from your website
  • Access powerful email marketing tools for personalized brand messaging and drip sequences
  • And much more

Nutshell also comes equipped with a range of useful features that help you easily track your leads as they move through your sales funnel, automate time-consuming sales processes, and more. 

Nutshell offers a free 14-day trial with no need to enter any credit card details, so you can get started with the platform right away and test its contact management features for yourself. 

If you’re searching for one of the best user-friendly, hassle-free contact management tools, Nutshell is the software for you.


Not a Nutshell customer? Try us free for 14 days!


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2. Zoho

Price: $15 per user per month for Standard, up to $45 per user per month for Ultimate

Zoho is a popular CRM platform with user-friendly contact management features that make storing and finding contact details a piece of cake. 

Zoho contact management software screenshot

With Zoho’s contact management features, you can: 

  • Get real-time notifications from customers
  • See a complete overview of customer and lead conversations
  • Instantly resolve customer tickets and queries
  • Communication with your audience across channels, like social media
  • View email conversations and analytics
  • Get guidance on the best times to contact your leads for the highest conversion probability
  • Analyze call reports
  • Log meetings with prospects and customers
  • And more

Zoho minimizes the amount of time your sales team spends manually entering lead and customer information and more time earning more sales. Plus, your team can receive guidance and updates on when to contact your leads to help you drive even more conversions. 

3. ActiveCampaign

Price: $29 per month for Lite, to $149 per month for Professional

ActiveCampaign is a sales CRM that combines all the information and resources your sales team needs to close more deals for your company. 

ActiveCampaign contact management software screenshot

With ActiveCampaign, you can say goodbye to digging through business cards and emails and say hello to your all-in-one contact solution.

You can store all your lead and customer email addresses, phone numbers, and past activity in one central dashboard. ActiveCampaign also automatically updates contact details as leads complete specific actions on your website.

If you’re looking for one of the best contact management software tools with all the basic essentials, ActiveCampaign could be the perfect choice for you.

4. Pipedrive

Price: $18 per user per month for Essential, to $95 per user per month for Enterprise

Pipedrive is another popular CRM platform with effective communication tracking and contact management features that help you easily store and find the information you need in just a few clicks. 

Pipedrive contact management software screenshot

Pipedrive understands that each contact that interacts with your brand is a crucial sales opportunity that has the potential to grow your business. With Pipedrive, you can quickly organize your contacts into “people” and “organization” categories to find the information you need.

And once you’ve added your contact details to Pipedrive, you can sync them to the deals they’re associated with to track their journey through your sales funnel easily.

Pipedrive also goes a step further by presenting a visual history of all your calls and emails with a specific contact. This visual communication tracking makes it even easier to follow up with compelling messages that encourage a conversion.

5. SugarCRM

Price: $49 per user per month for Sell, to $1,000 per user per month for Market

SugarCRM is a platform equipped with contact management features that help you reach your leads with the right messages at the right time to maximize your conversions. 

SugarCRM contact management software screenshot

Not only can you store and easily find contact details in SugarCRM, but you can also store the following:

  • Customer purchase history
  • Previous communications with your team
  • Previous channel interactions, like social media
  • And more

With SugarCRM, you can track your leads’ interactions with your brand on their journey toward conversion so you can stay engaged with them every step of the way.

Get started with the best contact management software—Nutshell

Finish your search for the best contact management software with Nutshell

Our flexible CRM platform is your company’s all-in-one contact management solution, allowing you and your team to quickly find the information they need so they can spend more time closing deals and driving revenue. 

Store contact details, call notes, email conversations, and everything in between with Nutshell. 

And the best part? You can try our software for free with no credit card required! Start your free 14-day trial today to see for yourself why Nutshell is one of the most trusted contact management solutions.

See Nutshell in action

Give our powerful, easy-to-use CRM a try for free for 14 days! Or join a live demo to see Nutshell at work!



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