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3 SEO Lead Management Tips for Your Company

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If you’re trying to get new leads for your business, one of the best strategies you can use is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO involves optimizing your web content to get it ranking in search results. As people encounter your content, they’ll visit your site, and many will become leads.

But it’s not always easy figuring out how to get more SEO leads, much less how to manage them once you have them. You may be struggling with that yourself, wondering what you can do to bring in more SEO leads and how you should go about SEO lead management.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve outlined what you can do to generate and manage SEO leads more effectively. Keep reading to learn more!

How to generate SEO leads

Let’s start by looking at how you can start generating SEO leads. You may already be generating some, but there are still some things you can do to generate even more. Here are three SEO lead generation tips to try out:

1. Focus on user search intent

Perhaps the most essential part of SEO is search intent. Search intent refers to what users try to find when they look up a particular keyword in Google. That’s important since you get your content in front of users by integrating specific keywords into that content.

So, let’s say you write a page to target the keyword “what is metal fabrication.” If someone looks up that keyword, they’re clearly looking for a page that defines metal fabrication. But imagine that the page you wrote doesn’t even define the term. It just talks about the fact that your company does it.

Any users who find your pages in those search results will quickly leave once they realize it doesn’t satisfy their search intent. For that reason, it’s absolutely essential that every piece of content you create satisfies search intent.

You can find out what the search intent for a given keyword is by looking at what’s currently ranking for that keyword.

2. Implement responsive design on your site

Another way to generate more SEO leads is to use responsive design on your website. What is responsive design? In short, it’s a type of site design that automatically restructures your pages to fit the screen where they appear. So, a responsive page will look different on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

The reason for using responsive design is that it makes your site mobile-friendly. That’s critical because Google uses mobile-first indexing, meaning it prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in rankings. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it won’t rank anywhere near as high, so you won’t get as many leads.

Plus, with a non-mobile-friendly site, even the traffic you do get will be driven away if users visit on mobile devices and find a site that doesn’t fit their screen.

3. Earn backlinks to your content

The third SEO lead generation tip we have for you is to earn plenty of backlinks. What are backlinks? Simple—they’re where other websites link to your content.

Why earn backlinks? Because if a reputable site links to your content, Google assumes your site is reputable too, so it ranks your content higher. For that reason, don’t earn backlinks from just any old site. Aim to earn backlinks from well-known, reputable sites in your industry.

The best way to earn backlinks is to find some of those reputable sites and scan them for linking opportunities. Maybe you find somewhere that they haven’t included a link but probably should, or maybe you find a broken link. Whatever it is, you can contact the site owners and recommend that they fix the issue by linking to your content.

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How to manage SEO leads

Now that we’ve established some ways of generating SEO leads, let’s talk about how you can manage those leads more effectively. Here are three tips to guide you through the SEO lead management process.

1. Segment your leads

One of the first things you can do to improve your lead management is to segment your SEO leads. When we talk about segmentation, we’re referring to categorizing your leads into different groups. Those groups might be based on location, place in the marketing funnel, or something else altogether.

However you divide your leads, doing so will allow you to manage them more easily since they’ll be more organized. For example, let’s say you segment your leads by which of your services they show interest in. Dividing them up that way means you can run separate campaigns for each group, allowing for more personalization.

2. Use lead scoring or lead confidence

Another way to improve your lead management is to use lead scoring. Lead scoring is where you assign each of your leads a numerical value based on how valuable they are to your company.

You can calculate lead scores in different ways, but you should base it on factors related to how they’ve interacted with you, like how many times they’ve visited your site. Alternatively, you can use lead confidence, which is where you simply rank your leads by how likely they are to convert.

The benefit of this is that it helps you prioritize your SEO leads. Naturally, it’s beneficial to focus the most on leads with a high chance of converting since that gives you better odds of making lots of revenue.

3. Monitor your SEO lead generation results

Finally, you should take the time to analyze the SEO leads you get. Why? Because analyzing your current leads enables you to do two things:

  • More effectively convert those leads
  • More effectively generate future leads

First of all, analyzing the types of leads you’re getting—and discovering what they want—helps you more easily convert them into customers. But it goes beyond that because you can also use that information to adjust your marketing and have more luck gaining new leads down the road.

To put it simply, including analytics in your SEO lead management strategy will end up driving way more revenue for you in the long term.

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